Global Warming

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    There's the Nairnian emotionalism I was expecting...

    No sir, you need to read more than your link. The tide of evidence is leaning more and more in the direction of cyclical trends in the earth's climate which are not anthropogenic. Cows produce more harmful emissions that the sum of automobiles on this planet. Further, I care a lot about this planet. As a Christian, I am called to obey the "Cultural Mandate" which requires that I be a good steward of creation. That I respect it and do everything I can to preserve it. In doing so, I push back against the "curse" of the Fall and play a part in the renewal that Christ will eventually bring to this planet. It will one day be like it originally was.

    I'm just not willing to let political ideologues tell me what to believe and play on my emotions.

    • You expect it because you know and your kind's very existence makes my bile rise.Nairn
    • "my kind"? I know I know... it helps us sleep when we can compartmentalize and marginalize.teleos
    • I have problems sleeping because of this world's problems - and yes, I compartmentalize religionists.Nairn
    • If I could, I'd shut you all in a very, very, very small hermetically-sealed box.Nairn

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