Global Warming

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    Don't forget - humans are a part of nature and our rise and consumptive expansion merely a function thereof. In absolute terms, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' with our actions, just as there isn't in a swarm of locusts or soldier ants.

    Who's to say that all our actions aren't part of a cycle within Gaia larger than we can presently comprehend?

    • you are bringing tears to my eyes... so soft... poetic... sensitiveCALLES
    • A difference is animals typically take and use only what they need to surviveETM
    • You never seen a cat or a dog kill another animal, just for the sake of it? What about killer whales toying with seal pups?Nairn
    • I'm just a typical human - I only consume as I need to too. I probably consume more than an African - but who's 'right'?Nairn
    • IdiotSlashPeckham
    • Gosh, what a useful, nuanced response, SlashPeckham. Such considered eloquence deserves a pat on the back!Nairn

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