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  • loaf0

    magazine illustrations for their top 200 ..

    • really very nice!!
      I'd be curious to know how you made them.
    • *bravo, well donemoamoa
    • wow that's prettyGreedo
    • loaf, I checked your site, damn you have some amazing workmoamoa
    • very nice!tank02
    • i will load some pics on my blog.. i actually built those damn numbers.. it took for ever.. and tons of flowersloaf
    • I also checked your website after seeing these illustrations. you have some really nice stuff.dyspl
    • Exquisite, Loaf! How long did you spend on it?Nairn
    • 'them', rather.

      I hadn't scrolled down as far as the other two. Beautiful!
    • I think I have seen some of your stuff on Istockphoto? v. nice stuff btw.canuck
    • gorgeousADRENONLINE
    • awesome!akrokdesign
    • Very nice!ahalvarsson
    • beautiful...neue75_bold
    • wow..thanks for the + feedback..the work took about a week and a half.. about 4 different photoshoots. the store is about the rebirth of the housing industry.. bit prematureloaf
    • the story is about the rebirth of the housing industry.. bit premature after this week and last..loaf
    • Splendid!somatica
    • Wow - lovely stuff loaf. And nice portfolio too.JerseyRaindog
    • beautiful!poolio
    • Nice! Reminds me of something you'd find in "Pushing Daisies"Jaline
    • funny.. i love there art direction in that show.. one of the other ideas was actually to do bees.. 200 out of honey comb.. they did not go for it..loaf
    • very nice detailroundabout
    • excellent.Jnr_Madison

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