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    This if from a couple hours ago:

    Brandon Thorson didn't find much to joke about. The 23-year-old factory worker from Minneapolis said he just wanted to go home -- but he tried to do it through police lines.

    "One officer used his club to push me away and another officer hit me in the back with his club," Thorson said. "A third officer came in and sprayed me right in the face."

    Minutes after the skirmish, Thorson's right eye was nearly swollen shut from the pepper spray. He was not arrested.


    • it should be noted that they were boxed in with no exitflashbender
    • get out there right now flashbender, civil lawsuits are for the taking...robotron3k
    • As I mentioned to ukit last week: the police will be held accountable if there's any wrongdoing...dog_opus
    • ...while the cowards who destroy stores and cars, and hurl bricks from a safe distance often go free.dog_opus
    • well, today they arrested someone on the capitol lawn under suspicion of breaking windowsflashbender
    • ...like the army were held accountable at Kent State?MrOneHundred
    • so your "protesters go free" theory is a bit flawed.flashbender
    • they arrest people en mass for the same reason with no reason...everyone is a riot starting terroristKwesiJ
    • Well, I imagine it must be part of the Kent State military Halliburton Chimpdubya complex then.dog_opus
    • A rose by any other name, dude.MrOneHundred
    • that was the National Guard not the armyfooler2
    • Ooh, sorry, my mistake. All is forgiven then.MrOneHundred

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