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  • Spookytim0

    Done just now for the thread.

    • you's a quick one... lots of files to save today eh? ;p7point34
    • I hate you.2pence
    • awesome....that wasn't too hardasspop
    • Haha, you might note the ghosted "Satisfied you fucks?" on right hand page.Spookytim
    • i expect that if i turn this thing around and around i would be able to locate the letters to spell 'asspop'7point34
    • Talentjonatne
    • mine's betterkelpie
    • To be honest I started off doing a cubist Asspop sculpture but it was too much for a quik-e so only AS&P.Spookytim
    • nice spooky. nice.skt
    • HA cheers, just said the same about yours. Now it looks like we're getting bromantic.Spookytim
    • I remember your site now Spooky. Lovely stuff...JerseyRaindog
    • My site is atrocious, but there's a few nice pieces buried in all the shoite. Ta.Spookytim
    • You cheat - you already had this down somewhere, didn't you?

    • CHEAT! WITCH! HARLOT!detritus
    • Its fresh you cheeky Galare. Was going to say Asspop, can't you see? You think I pre-plan sketches for QBNs?Spookytim
    • Yes. I think you stay up for nights on end projecting QBN requirements in to the far flung future.detritus
    • I dunno - I just.. I just thought I recognized that bottom bit.
      I'm so high on life these days - ignore my hallucination.
    • Druggy bastard.Spookytim

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