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  • Jaline0

    There are lots of Canadian shows now (since January). Part of it may have to do with the strike (I read that in an article somewhere).

    I have some episodes of this downloaded but haven't watched it yet. I will just say, "jPod" is the name of my iPod.

    • You shouldn't have told me that. You know how I get around the letter JJKilla77
    • Both my sisters have names starting with the letter "j" too, so each of our iPods are different generations.Jaline
    • ex. mine is jPod, generation 3.Jaline
    • My name starts with a J. I'm a slef loathing JKillaJKilla77
    • I know. I'm a stalker and checked out your email address :)Jaline
    • Haha sweet a stalker!JKilla77

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