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    there's no right or wrong to it blaw....

    say for example it is a static site with 10 html pages in it that will not grow over time you are best either making only a holding page or not putting one up at all - the only benefit you will get is that it can be indexed prior to site launch.

    If on the other hand you have a site (about cars for example) which will grow and has a number of sections which you already know will have certain URLs pointing to the sections it can be a good idea to put up a holding page for each section with your main section level navigation in place - just the links that is, no styling or design would be needed at that stage. The benefit of this is that the site and each of its sections can be indexed prior to launch....

    • Again, great points. Thanks for sharing. BTW, a bit back you posted a link to FastStart SEO. It's proven to be a great resource.blaw
    • ...resource. So thanks for that, too.blaw

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