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    Neither of you is making much sense I'm afraid.

    With all respect xicast, your answer relates only to the "rip-off" element of what has happened and doesn't touch on the SEO aspect at all.

    1. Is the company name the same as the domainname??
    - if it is then don't worry at all, as soon as the site has content that
    gets indexed it will spank the imposter down the rankings pretty

    2. Have you submitted a sitemap to google?
    - this is what the best usage of your time with the google
    webmaster tools will be, writing an email will be time-consuming
    and bring relatively little, unless you are Matt Cutts' milkman or

    3. Does the site have a decent amount of content on it already?
    - more content you have better you get indexed as a rule of

    4. Have you got in-bound links for the site yet?
    - if not then make some :) post comments on relevant blogs,
    contact sites that are relevant to see about getting a link on

    If you do those steps you should have the problem resolved pretty quickly :)

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