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  • xicast0

    Is your content (logo, source code) currently active on the other site?

    If so, send a very clear Cease and Desist providing 10 days to perform or you will have no choice but to pursue any and all options of protecting your intellectual property. Don't threaten to sue. Just be clear that you intend to resolve this immediately.

    If it isn't online, send a request to Google requesting that they remove your source code/images from their cache at the URL provided. If possible, use the webmaster tools to submit the request. (http://google.com/webmaster/)

    If the cache is cleared up pretty quickly, become familiar with who the owner of the offending domain is. Use domaintools.com to keep track of his other stuff. He may not rip you off but in all likelihood he's going to do this again. At least this way you can make sure it isn't you.

    Sorry you got ripped. It happens a lot. In some sense it is a compliment, albeit an illegal one.

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