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  • mrdobolina0

    a girl at work did the main design and I did a flash presentation for the awards ceremony.

    • GREEDO LOOKO DOWNO HEREO!!!!!!! i really love these ^^ infographics! why can i not post a note on them?paraselene
    • anyhoo, let me know if you want to sell one as a poster. :Dparaselene
    • Lol this is for the UC Berkeley Press, they do all these field guides, dont think i can sell this.GreedoLives
    • did you choose bloody red as a protest against the japanese lying bastard research fleet putting to sea?capsize
    • I was going to ask if they were for Greenpeace ^^. < This over here looks nice too, like the cutout effect.Cultr
    • woho unsung heroes needs to drop something again

    • I saw all these vector art in different forums, you just put them together and use different color.. what a lame!!!Elezabet
    • yup i clocked them too
      hopefully none of the unsung heroes readers go on istock aye ;)

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