Design a pill?

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    nice!!! enjoy it!!! and thanks!!! im glad that i was the first of the single greatest anything you have received on NT!!

    but remember to try to get that exact size and thickness of the pill from either the supplier or the client as it will determine the amount of embossing depth...since i did a 4mm thickness you can still have room inside where the embossing can be on both sides...if the pill is any thinner only emboss on 1 side. and perhaps just a thin engraved line on the other side. also remember to adjust the sketch so that you show a 200% detail for reference only of not just the embossing art, but of the specs, as it was very small in the spec i created for you. use the heart hardware as an example to understand what i mean. if you have questions just drop me a mail.

    also usually you will have to provide a separate art spec just for the embossing. if you need help with that one let me know.


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