Design a pill?

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    heh kelpie - I actually attempted hand carving a Berocca tablet to give me some idea of the restrictions.

    It was of utterly no use.

    No, I'm not going to defer to the manufacturer's expertise, or lack thereof. I'm just trying to avoid sending too many designs over to sample.

    This isn't (sadly :) for an illegal drug (yet) - I have an existant product logo that needs to be translated into a less-detailed form for use on-pill.

    I'm just trying to work out how detailed I can go (or, more accurately, how 'undetailed').

    Thusfar I've taken an average 'small detail size' from loads of Googled ecstasy tablet images, which I'm confidant is approximately accurate - just not wholly so.

    I'm babbling now. Apologies.

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