Design a pill?

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  • edd-e0

    do it as an embossing.

    1mm down press.
    do it in vector what ever you like to size it down to the needed size, make sure your graphic can still be recognized when shrunk to the pill's facing size.

    give measurements for everything inchuding the emboss itself.

    the China Manufacturers should have no problem with those specs if you put every measurement.

    you can get rather detailed if you like as well as 'lazeer etching' may be used to create the emboss to fine details.

    however since it is a pill form you may not want that intense detail so much, perhaaps then as a texture.

    screenprints can also be accomplished the same way. just make sure you have all the proper measurments in millimeter increments.

    send me a batch of them e's when you done.



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