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    Well that's odd, cause I just actually took a ruler and measured my phone and it's a little over the .5 mark, probably like 2/3 of an inch. DEFINITELY NOT AN INCH. Never said it was thinner than the RAZR, but it's not much bigger.

    Apparently the Cingular site is wrong. It exactly measures .65", which again is pretty close to a RAZR.

    In fact, here's a direct review quote..."Samsung’s latest clamshell SGH-A707 will hit the state side soon courtesy, Cingular. The phone is 17.5mm thick and features HSDPA, 2 megapixel camera, music player supporting Windows Media DRM. This phone is not as sleek as our beloved RAZR but it does pack more features in an extra 3.5mm thickness."

    3.5mm. That's pretty close to me.

    And FYI, the RAZR is a fine phone. I had it just before I got the SYNC and there aren't nearly as many functions.

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