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  • Antonelli0

    wouldnt recommend this phone - if you havent already bought it yet. my sister has one, she hears echos & static while talking.

    also my cousin works for cingular's support dept. he told me the razr gets the most complaints by far (could be because many people have it though) and the display has a tendency to get fibers & particles inside the display. call volume is horrible too.

    he recommened the LG CU500 to me, and I just bought it yesterday. $300 slim flip phone (w/MP3) for $50 with a 2 yr cingular contract.

    i have a new iMac and yesterday i put a song on the phone using bluetooth - took only about a minute to transfer a song - wirelessly. it couldnt have been any easier for me - I was surprised. you can do this with image files too (images are a little faster to send).

    this phone was voted top 5 cell phones of 2006 by CNET. Not as thin as the razr, but still thin, and very sleek.

    Cousin said he gets little-to no complaint calls about this phone.

    I'm buying a 1-2GB memory card today (slips in near the battery) so I can put more songs on there. I was actually going to buy an ipod, but probably not anymore. no need really.

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