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    mine is not even a powerbook just a macbook (black one) and it runs fine... the only problem I've had is that I was so eager to get windows on it... I used a borrowed version of xp and sice then the person has decommisioned the copy of it... but that is a windows situation... other than that though its brilliant...

    I have a bluetooth mighty mouse and keyboard and flat screen at home and at work so I just take the laptop between the two.. and finally a laptop powerful enough that isn't bulky and looks like shit...

    ... going to update bootcamp this afternoon... as I foolishly put a disk into see what was on it... and it put my drivers back one step... so now my scrollball works again on my mighty mouse, but my speakers on the macbook still play when headphones plugged in... that is the only real problem I've had so not to shabby (a mighty mouse with a wire works fine either way)

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