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    genuine fractals is okay but not great.

    If you want to keep pixel fonts and toolbars and stuff like that crisp, do this:

    screenshot(or use original file), change to indexed colour in p'shop, change image size to 200% or 300%(can only be done in multiples like double or triple etc), then change back to rgb.

    it might be a good idea if you have full colour images and photos, to enlarge them separately because they go crappy in indexed colour.
    (Nov 28 05, 01:53)

    If you're doing that it's best to leave colour depth at whatever it is (assume 24bit) and change interpolation in the image size dialogue to nearest neighbour before resizing.

    Or just change the print size in the image size dialogue but uncheck resample image - this changes the dpi without changing the pixel size of an image.

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