• shellie

    QBN stickers

    I have a few packs. If you're in the United States, email your address you and I'll send you some.

    If you're ou…

    May 10, 1829 replies
  • shellie

    48 Hour Film Project…

    Any of you guys ever done it? I had a blast when I did it in Vegas several years back…

    Apr 19, 183 replies
  • shellie


    Hey sorry for the general broadcast. You don't have any contact in your bio. hmu bro. I've got something for ya.


    Apr 6, 183 replies
  • shellie

    Time Management

    I've used a bunch of different methods in the past to track time and project management from basecamp to simple spreadsheets. It b…

    Apr 5, 185 replies
  • shellie

    Freelance Roll Call

    It's been a while just playing with music clients and touring, but I'm dipping toe back in advertising as a freelance web producer…

    Apr 4, 1824 replies
  • shellie

    Writers Room

    Any other writers out there? I'd be interested in trading projects for fresh eyes and feedback. I'm in the middle of sketch comedy…

    Nov 8, 177 replies