fabulousricesince 2010

    • Biography


      Director, producer, photographer, type designer, illustrator and graphic designer currently living in Paris, France

      Design and translation for French and American websites and magazines
      Actor for short films and series, model for photographers
      Type design for book covers, websites and press articles
      Director of photography on several short films
      Personal assistant for American photographers
      Graphic designer, assistant director and editor for 3 film production companies based in Paris
      Translation of the screenplay of a feature film being produced in Paris

      Exhibitions throughout the world as a filmmaker, type designer, photographer and illustrator

      Saatchi & Saatchi
      Lufthansa Consulting
      Rufus Leonard

      French native speaker
      Bilingual in British and American English (worked several times with British or US based companies)
      Speak German and Italian
      Good notions in Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, studied some Farsi and Russian.