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  • maquito1…

    Lottery guy posting random shit

  • imbecile16

    can we just be done with drake now?

    skirting warnings, intentionally pushing boundaries like a child...……

    • heheh, tbf - you can't COMPLETELY ignore outside reality in random threads, even if it does happen to be vaguely politically-oriented...detritus
    • but fuck all the other BS politcs stuff here - the last few days have been great. So much oh- god why-bother- shutyourmouth beforehand.detritus
    • Post belligerent or vulgar things at your own risk.detritus
    • honestly guys, the complaining is 100 times more annoying.Gnash
    • +1 Gnashoey
    • it's a .gifoey
    • or jifoey
    • Drake: Explain to everyone how freedom of speech exists on message board. This should be interesting.Moderator
    • ^
    • fucking drakeutopian
    • plenty of opinions on both sides here without your shit spread everywhere. you're the one making it a left/right thing, no one elseimbecile
    • Drake: That is quite the big reveal of your intelligence, or lack thereof. Not going to explain further, it's clearly over your head.Moderator
    • If anything, there's a lack of messaging upon signup telling trolls like you that those who run this site have the right to moderate content,Moderator
    • and to remove content as needed, and that you basically check your "free speech" at the door when you sign up for any message board.Moderator
    • Good time perhaps to ask, why do you come here at all?Moderator
    • 'QBN supports free speech, however, as a private website we do moderate discussion to preserve the quality of our content as we see fit.'Continuity
    • free speech isn't protected within any private enterprise, private property or private group. any right-winger like you should know thatsarahfailin
    • The whining most def. is far more annoying than the trolling.PonyBoy
    • and yet one single bloody looser can upset an entire community.sted
    • And Alexander if you are that intelligent educated person as you say. Why aren't these things make you think about your life and your behavior?sted
    • Because you know there is not a single person here who would stand behind you and say that you're cool...sted
    • I'm confused as to why you want to be here at all when you literally seem to hate every single person on the site.monospaced
    • dont let the red brown shirt mob destroy your passions drake.yurimon
    • lol what passion is that?pango
    • Why is everyone persecuting poor oldé von drake cum cloth? He be innocent!utopian
    • guys, yuri and drake are far more intelligent and wise than any us. we're lucky to have them here.inteliboy
    • yurimon/drake talking to himself again. Haha!chukkaphob
    • You guys do realize you're trying to reason with a person that most likely has mental or emotional issues right? Asperger maybe??? Sociopath maybe???sofakingback
    • all political threads (which are now deleted) were fueled by as much as regular members. If noone wanted them , there would be no issuedrgs
    • The irony, of course, being that the *real* source of discontent (the trolls) has come back on the top of the front page again after a few days of silence.Continuity
    • I'm ok with this. At least not every single posts.pango
    • it's a sad day when even the mods engage in name calling. +gnash, you guys here in the comments are feeding the flames and loving itterry_cloth
    • Everything was fine when your point of view was dominant in threads like religion, politics, etc. ones there was some ideological pushback, feels were hurtyurimon
    • Oooooooor, people here simply don't like condescending trolls who can't string a coherent thought into something readable. There's a thought.Continuity
    • lols, haha's, prevailed in masturbatory fashion as usual and sometimes became front page. all of a sudden lets ban, delete, etc. amazed at the hypocrisyyurimon
    • same people who complain of the childishness of posting apposing views cant engage in deep conversation or debate, yet let mock the intelligence of users weyurimon
    • dont like, dismiss any relevance no matter what is posted. bravo my morally debaucherous friends. bravo.yurimon
    • Is that what you want? Is that why you come to this site? "Deep conversation" because you're so deep? And you contribute deep conversation? Thats you?sofakingback
    • its funny how ignorant, or biased liberal propaganda is not trolling or condescending but warm comfort food for the intellect of some. but pressure on youryurimon
    • point of view, that you wish not to prove up is condescending.yurimon
    • conversation involves more than one person. the possibility exists in contributing input. the other person engaging is as much responsible as the personyurimon
    • waiting for a response. grow up.yurimon
    • Hear that, fellas? The Great Wise Yurimon has told us all to grow. Crack on with it, yeah?Continuity
    • Grow up even. I'm laughing so hard, I can hardly type straight.Continuity
    • I'll say this about yurimon... He's deep.sofakingback
    • Knee deep...sofakingback
    • In his own bullshit.sofakingback
    • lol, ironic that the alleged focus on me is more about you it seems.yurimon
    • You absolutely love the attention don't youset
    • It's literally every day you do thisset
    • condescending yurimon is condescending and in complete denialmonospaced
    • i dont see how its condescending the moderator said a similar thing in a previous post.yurimon
    • you don't see how you are giving off the impression that you are somehow better than everyone? please, it's your sole aim in your pathetic lifemonospaced
    • you just call everyone ignorant, biased, liberal (as if an insult?), and tell them constantly that they aren't conversing to your level... that's condescending!monospaced
    • all the while whining about how nobody can deal with a differeng point of view, which is so goddamn hypocritical it's not even funnymonospaced
    • it would be an insult mono if it wasnt true. next. plus its most of you who have feelings hurt and need spaces. seems i tend to attract those with a more frailyurimon
    • ego. oh you think you are better then us. what kind of response is that but a emotional childs. you cant even digest certain types of jokes, sarcasm, etc.yurimon
    • i think i made a fair statement prior. i'm sorry that most of you didnt take the moderators advice and start a feels fight. lets make qbn great again.yurimon
    • Do you EVER shut up?Continuity
    • do you ever make a good argument not based on your biased cuntiness?yurimon
    • you're STILL condescending, dude... you just said I have feelings hurt and need safe space, and put my ego into question... that's ALL condescending as fuCk!monospaced
    • everyone here is telling you you're being a prick, and your only response is to be defensive and keep up the same schtick, day after fucking daymonospaced
    • you're either really stupid, really narcissistic, really deluded, or just a world-class trolling champion with nothing better to do than shit all over this sitemonospaced
    • He's all of the above: stupid, narcissistic and deluded. I've met more sympathetic pigeons.Continuity
    • Drake and Yuri are total fuds, but calling for a ban for the shite they say on the internet is kinda silly. Just show some restraint and leave them alone.face_melter
    • yeah nothing condescending there. you miss the points of certain discussions and go strait for a personal attack.yurimon
    • deal with your own insecurities please. it seem pretty obvious by now when you cant stick to the actual content of a discussion. tell how condescending this isyurimon
    • It's not based on what they say; it's how they say it, treat others in the saying of it,and don't stop when told repeatedly noone is interested. Big difference.Continuity
    • @fadein, I didn't call for any ban, for the recordmonospaced
    • @yuri, that's all you're doing... you always resort to condescension when anyone disagrees with you... it's getting old, just like drake-von-shitstickmonospaced
    • not really. i made appoint about how discussions are made as an observation. you want to get defensive, like you are being attacked on every word. be my guest.yurimon
    • so far everything i say is taken as butt hurt retaliation no matter what it is for the most part. no focus on content. imagine a blackguy talking and all youyurimon
    • comment on is he is black and avoiding the content of what he is saying. thats what you guys are doing here. tell me how unbiased you are and far from hypocricyyurimon
    • Now, I want you to pay attention for a change, Yurimon. I know it's hard, but you need to try: no-one gives a flying fuck about the contents of your posts.Continuity
    • then stfu. live you ignorant life. pretend you are the bomb, that every new phone update is an improvement. how superior you are, and that you hold the truthyurimon
    • without exploration of the contradictions most people live their lives by. move on. dont post to me. easy right?yurimon
    • yurimon, that description you just typed is exactly how you are viewed, sadly, you're too ignorant to realize itimbecile
    • and fucking lol at all these notes, you narcissistic ninnyimbecile
    • So you're doing this for us? Because we don't know... what you know? You're saving us from... updating our phones? This is all too deep. so deep.sofakingback
    • nope. but please try again. you perceive me as that but i dont take myself as seriously as you guys take your hypocritical points of view seriously.yurimon
    • take some responsibility. i am going to stop posting in this thread, let me see if you can stop.yurimon
    • and sof its a metaphor. you know what it means. if not im sorry. move on.yurimon
    • If I were to sum you up from everything Ive seen you post I would use this quote: "But mom why don't they understand me?!?!?!?!" Thats what you sound like to mesofakingback
    • I know what you mean.. I haven't updated my phone in months mothafukka! soo... *wink*wink*sofakingback
    • not really i made some good points. your option to avoid them and or take it personal. i dont care. its practice for dealing with millennials for the futureyurimon
  • Continuity5

    I have fucking had enough of this shit.

      I do it too, so *slaps self* but heck, just ignore the monotonous bore.
    • Fair point, but others have been banned from here for far, far less. I'm at a complete loss to understand why he's still tolerated.Continuity
    • this is too much.oey
    • people that can't discuss things without provoking and offending...fuck that.oey
    • I've had a lots of patience and criticized some things here. but from now on I don't care if people get on him. fuck it.oey
    • I tried 3x times to start a civilized conversation. He is simply stupid and copies the nonsense from various sources.sted
    • lol, like what conversation is that?yurimon
    • im guessing nonsense is ideas you are not familiar with in detail?yurimon
    • Geezus you're a baby. Why don't you get in your qbn safe space.Hayoth
    • Hayoth trolling in!utopian
    • lol @ this safe space bullshit... did it ever occur to you that this space is actually threatening you and not the other way around?monospaced
    • Not the first time though... He called me a refugee once, because I was born in Uruguay. Dickless motherfucker.maquito
    • i apologized, i wasnt serious, are you still upset? prob cant this. can somone tell maquito im sorry. you actually think id be serious in both instances?yurimon
    • someone tell maquito i'm sorry. :'''''(yurimon
    • can you hear me? hey!yurimon
    • is he still using the plugin? damn you sted. you are getting in the way of my apology.yurimon
    • @Continuity, why did you approve portmanteau?monospaced
    • yeah, what mono asked. Why did you certify Yurimon's new account "portmanteau" after his other one, "drake-von-drake" was shut down??chukkaphob
    • Did I? Ah fuck, sorry chaps. I had no idea at the time.Continuity
    • Sure did.sofakingback
    • its not my account. i stopped posting most of that type content.yurimon
    • @maquito: I remember. Fucking dick move from a brainless cunt.Continuity
    • So now here's the thing: portmanteau gets banned (I don't know for what, I was watching the footy), but somehow Yurinething doesn't.Continuity
    • We've been banning others for less, but he stays. Can one of the mods explain this me, please?Continuity
  • utopian1

    VonHayYuri Bump

  • sted1

    blast from the past (7year old stuff but google finds it):……

  • Longcopyloverer0

    Why did longcopylover get kicked out? I am just asking. For a friend...

    • ehehehe, good trollGeorgesII
    • Seriously, I don't get it.Longcopyloverer
    • what?oey
    • what happened?oey
    • I don't know what happened. I just couldn't write anything. Tryied to re-log-in but wasn't accepted anymore. No password-answer, no problem-answer...Longcopyloverer
    • And now, ORAZAL, who just certified me, is no longer with us. Am I toxic?Longcopyloverer
    • is that a question? you were toxic before and now you are longcockyloverererer...oey
    • I suggest re-logging-outset
    • sup with orazal?moldero
    • Longcopyloverer: Your original account has been reinstated. Please use at your leisure.Moderator
    • wow!oey
    • Hello World... I am back. I think. Thank you.Longcopyloverer
    • Welcome. Apologies for the temporary issue. I have frozen the newly added account to avoid redundancy/confusion...Moderator
    • Never mind. I just didn't get what I did wrong. Let's forget it and have some fun.Longcopylover
  • Gnash4

    why was orazal, et al, banned? so retarted

    • Orazal was banned because he has been trolling here with numerous accounts for far too long. It is incredible how juvenile some people can be.Moderator
    • I trust you and others have enjoyed the harmony here in the past few days. Too much effort is being spent by our moderators to keep it that way.Moderator
    • Orazal was warned not long ago by QBN themselves to act with some maturity. He did not comply.Moderator
    • he wasn't a trollGnash
    • and… ? :)sted
    • the deletion of all the posts seems a little stalinesqueGnash
  • Continuity6

    Absolutely un-necessary attack in the side-notes from Yurimon on another member and his mother in this thread:…

    'this is moldys racist mom's formula.' — Yurimon

    • yeah, on going joke, late night. thanks for making it a thing.yurimon
    • to be fair to yuri, my mom is kind of racist (and republican) go figure.moldero
    • she has an autographed picture of Bush on her wall that I draw Hitler moustaches on whenever I visitmoldero
    • The problem is mono and sometimes you try to act like the police when your estrogen levels spike, the link was on topic and good advice to a question.yurimon
    • You mentioned it before, I meant like new york antagonistic joking. like dudes calling each other clints.yurimon
    • hurry up and ban this idiot.fadein11
    • Nobody said anything about pms. I find it funny how you guys call yuri every hatefull name you can think of and then act all beside yourself when he gives youterry_cloth
    • Back a little and act like it's grounds for a ban. I defend him because he is constantly getting ganged up on and I think it's some weak bandwagon shitterry_cloth
    • Especially you fadein darling, you and utopitard go around bringing up yuri out of the blue trying to get high fives and then complain when he shows up to defenterry_cloth
    • -d himself. Basic troll baiting. If anyone needs a break from qbn it's youterry_cloth
    • BS - he trolls every post on here - I used to defend him because I thought he was getting picked on but nah - just a retard troll like yourself nappyman.fadein11
    • prob the same person lol... move along.fadein11
    • I dont have any probs with yuri neither.sureshot
    • either*fadein11
    • I know. Srry it was early and I am not an native english speaker.sureshot
    • Quick, call the wah wah police. Geez.Hayoth
    • it's summer guys. go to the beach!uan
    • no summer here dude. unfortunately...sureshot
    • by looking at the forecast it wont happen soon. I now have live beach footage on my tv screen.sureshot
    • fadein was ok with me until there was a disagreement in which his opinion lacked proof. it started over trump? trump started it all. lolyurimon
    • DrakeVonYuriCumClothutopian
    • no summer there no summer here :/oey
  • applauseclause-4

    ban beeswax.

    uses nizza attack to promote his anti-semitic agenda.…

    bullshit post from a racist, anti-semitic, white supremacist neo-nazi site.

    "The Jews who pull the strings behind the New York-based conspiratorial organization “Neo-Reaction” (NRx) haven’t ceased from their diabolical, genocide-obsessed scheme to replace our Aryan families, friends, and colleagues with an Afro-Asiatic sewerage headed by a Cabal of Jews, Mischlings, Mongoloids, and Happas. "…………………

    • Given he's Turkish, he's probably not massively into 'white supremacy' so how about you calm down a bit and wash the sand from your cunt?detritus
    • He could be like you and hide behind some pseudonym, but I'm guessing he doesn't feel the need to be so cowardly?detritus
    • so you're ok with anti-semitic dreck, as long as a turk posts it. gotcha.applauseclause
    • good thinking narim.applauseclause
    • oh ffs, dinky - go do something useful - he probably didn't fucking realise it was some nazi site when he found it wherever he did, as you well know.detritus
    • so you're ok with anti-semitic dreck, as long as the author isn't a nazi. fire away people. guess I'm going to take care about my sandy vagina now.applauseclause
    • I can't be bothered to go back through the chain to check the legitimacy of the source, but an Israeli commander's homefront security opinions != Judaismdetritus
    • there's plenty of Jews around the world who get pissed off at the conflation between their religion and a military industrial country's strategydetritus
    • Dinky needs to be fucking sectioned.

      Can we have him sectioned?
    • yeah. you might want to review your arguments when you've sobered up.applauseclause
    • I know you're in a shit place, but really - fuck off, dinky. you're just here to be an abrasive cunt and divert your attention from elsewhere. Asshole.detritus
    • actually this idea has roots into austrian aristocracy in europe 1920's. i forgot the name of the chap.yurimon
    • 1. I'm not dinky
      2. you are defending validity of anti-semitic propaganda on qbn
      3. why is this about me and not beeswax (either way), do you know?
    • Your last thread was this -…
    • Also I think you might need to fill out one of these -

  • detritus1

    I'm defending his right to ignorance (I initially thought the site he linked to was just some nutjob conspiracy site, so closed it as soon as I opened it - i had no idea it was far-right and i can certainly imagine others making the same mistake.

    that being the case, it is you conflating anti-semitism with national politics (Israel's military is notoriously hard-nosed and inhumanely pragmatic sometimes as we all know).

    if you're not dinky, who the fuck are you and why do you use a known keyword that would imply you are Dinky?

    • FOCUS
      this isn't about who I am. it's about racist hate propganda linked here, with intent. makes no difference who the snitch is, not relevant.
    • Did an Israeli commander say that or not? Do you know, for a fact, either way? If not, you're just as pointless here.detritus
    • And by fuck you must be an oblivious mess of social stupidity if you don't realise how poisonous hiding behind a pseudonym is. I suspect you do know though.detritus
    • the current pseudonym you are hiding behind is detritus.applauseclause
    • but you have been careless over the years, so now every halfwit can find your IRL name, adress and business in a heartbeat.applauseclause
    • I wouldn't appreciate that, so I protect my shit. call that whatever you want.applauseclause
    • are we done with the anonymous thing now and can focus on the issue?applauseclause
    • if you're not dinky, you're only one other and I'm really very saddened by it. Go focus elsewhere, I'm done here.detritus
    • good.applauseclause
  • applauseclause-3

    oh, I think everybody has the right of ignorance. even the right to be an anti-semite or racist. I have no problem with that, that's their problem. all good.

    but I don't think this type of propaganda should have a place here.

    I don't care if the poster is a turk or a yankee. or if he's ignorant or if he's doing it on purpose. doesn't matter. I think most anti-semites and racists think they come from a good place. god bless them.

    what I object to is people posting it here, and especially in context of the attack in france.

    I would suggest a permaban, done. move on.

    • half the users on this site would be banned under the new ignorance laws.yurimon
    • please clapmoldero
    • point for yurimon.oey
  • imbecile3
    • Thanks for this brilliant topic and for information.sea_sea
  • oey-1

    I wrote a post in reply to that:

    "The Zionist...LOL!"

    Under your own "rules" you already auto-banned yourself several times dinky.

  • oey0

    anyone wants a cookie?

  • detritus0

    For the record, the person I accused of being Dinky last week is not Dinky.

    Someone else entirely.

    Apologies again to Dinky.

    • LOL!oey
    • Fuck! I just called Dinky dinky! I guess I have to apologize too.oey
    • Not Yurimon or JazX either.detritus
  • utopian0