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  • Jaline


    If you like things about superheroes, New York, people coming together, superpowers, etc., you'll like this show.

  • tangereen0

    i hear ya. i'm all geeked out about the show. how does hiro learn to speak english so fluently? what is niki's real power? why is claire the cheerleader the key to everything? peter has rogue-like channeling powers? sweet!

    ya, im a big geek. can't wait for the next episode...

  • flavorful0

    I didn't want to watch this show ... but I DVR it anyway. And I really like it.

    Except I kind of don't.

    I only like some of the characters and others I just don't care for at all, haha.

    And I think it's going to fall into the category of new shows that are created that only last a season ...


    Then they purposely drag them out because people are watching it.

    And it's just going to leave me perturbed in the end.

  • holmes0

    hmm like oh i dont know prison break?
    I hate that show now.

    this one seems pretty good though.

  • flavorful0

    Haha yea, exactly like PB.

  • welded0

    I've seen a couple episodes and it's not doing much for me yet. Reminds me of another series called The 4400.

  • sung20t0

    i thought some characters are good but some were not interesting.

  • e-pill0


    i watched this last night, i really couldnt get into it.

    i thought it sucked. i felt that for a new show with new characters that perhaps new powers or abilities would be shown or hinted towards.

    that japanese kid...stops time?!?! in like 1982 there was a little girl named pheobe or vicky or evy who could stop time...

    that kid who can predict the future with his drugs and brushes?!!?

    um every drug addict who can draw in our reality will say the same thing.


    needless to say, to use abilities of an existing character in another universe to me is not acceptable, aand even remotely similar is not acceptable.

    this falls short very quickly but has an initial grandness for something that could have been new but already in its first stages is allying itself to so many that came before it.

    my 2¢

  • Jaline0

    I get what some of you are saying, and I agree with most points. I think it's difficult to come up with new powers for each character in superhero shows, at least when it comes to powers the character can use to help him/herself in their daily life. In Heroes, it's hard to have so many characters and have lots of the traditional superpowers as well. I think they tried to make some of them unique.

    My favourite (interesting) characters at this point are Hiro (for comic relief) and Niki (for her life and powers). Mohinder isn't bad either.

    flavor and holmes, I also agree that this show is going to be hard to keep going after the first season. It definitely feels like another rip-off of the characters-meeting-each-
    together concept made famous by Lost, except with a completely different storyline and setting. And yeah, Prison Break isn't as exciting as it used to be.

  • groundst0

    Just a little FYI.

    The asian character, Hiro Nakamura, is played by Masi Oka. He's a very talented actor but he also has had his hand in the post production world, working for a company you might have heard of called Industrial Light and Magic as a digital special effects artist. It might just be because I work in mo-graph but I thought that was pretty awesome. Plus, the show is great. I agree about how some charachters aresn't as interesting, but I think you'll see them become more interesting as the series progresses.

  • k0na_an0k0

    what a rag-tag group of superheros.

    one has to get high on meth to see the future, that's real good in battle. another it's looking like has to hold his brothers hand, or at least be near him so they can fly. how uber gay. haha.

    the only cool ones are the asian dude who can stop time (which i would use as well to gamble) and the chick how can't be hurt, even though she's super annoying on screen. almost can't take it.

    hated the girl with the alter ego until last night when it comes out at will. before i thought she had to be asleep. how lame.

    i want someone with superstrength NOW!

  • sung20t0

    i think you can definitely come up with original superpowers. jaline.

  • e-pill0

    i love how this turned onto jaline as being the writer and creator and starting a company called Canadian Light and Magic!!

    Jaline should be an NTB author!!!

    her super power is....


  • TheBlueOne0

    I've been watching it every week, and almost liking it..and then disliking it at the same time. I'm basically just tuning it so my wife can actually hear some Japanese on American TV.

    i think this and Jericho are in that whole "leave the audience guessing" thing but I have a strange feeling the payoff in either show is going to suck...and that villian in heroes is just lame..reminds me of Doc Octupus but without the cool mechanical octopi arms..and why do those evil 80's MTV fisheye lens type shots of his face everytime he's like on screen being evil, but not when he's like regular Joe Cheerleader Dad? And is his power the same as the Japanese dudes? Like stopping time?

    And I hate the hooker mom. Hate her. Cheerleader is almost cool, but she's brainless. And that stupid politician! He should show everyone he can fly! Imagine like George Bush at a debate getting beat up on and saying "yeah, but watch this!" And then flying. I mean, that'd be like reason to like the guy, just for that, despite his evil-like tendencies.

    Japanese dude is the only cool guy on the show...

    Fuck, this is a run on rant isn't it.

  • flavorful0

    Haahah kOna you're explanation was beautiful.

    I really only like Hiro, and Mohinder. But after last nite * spoiler *

    It seems Mohinder's super powers is that he is smart and that's it (which is neat from the aspect that he is just smarter than everybody else without any genome aid), because he couldn't move when Hiro came thru at the end. Unless future Hiro is so powerful ... that it makes absolutely no sense.

    And Hiro turns from funny, heart of gold to dead serious, harbringer of psuedo-doom.

    Oh yea, with a soul patch.

    I hate the cheerleader.

    But I think that has something to do with that she looks like my old next door neighbour.

    Heroin addict is cool but I mean he is dead soon enough anyway, so why even pay attention to him.

  • Jaline0

    i think you can definitely come up with original superpowers. jaline.
    (Oct 17 06, 07:12)

    Yes, but you have to be REALLY creative in how that power could help the person in their life or help someone else. Anyway, it's good most of the characters have traditional superpowers with a bit of a twist, and then there are some more unique ones.

    TV Guide or something similar hinted that Peter's powers had to do with his ability to empathize with others, which is one reason why he was a good nurse. It also hinted that his powers were that he could use other people's powers/feelings for some time, and this sort of makes sense with how he could only fly for a day or two after being near his brother.

    The girl who is pretty much invincible is really annoying and I've seen her acting in Disney stuff, so I just don't like her very much right now. I may in the future though, once she's more developed and we find out about her creepy father.

    k0na, I like Niki's powers b/c they seem more unique than most of the other characters. Maybe she does have to be unconscious though...but while she was driving to her son her alter ego took over, and from what we can tell she wasn't unconscious...just seemed like she was going to pass out, which may be the way the other side of her comes out. Anyway, it's still interesting to see if that's a different person or if it's a part of her since after Niki murdered the men in her room the other side of her (in the mirror) had more blood on her t-shirt than Niki did.


    Her husband has the ability to go through walls (I know this from hints on the show, like how he escaped from prison, and in TVGuide). Also, her son is most likely going to have powers too, probably something to do with his intelligence.

    The little girl the policeman saved (with his mind reading abilities) most likely has powers too or is related to something Sylar wants, since Sylar was after her.

  • TheBlueOne0

    What's with the bald bad african voodoo dude?

  • Jaline0

    I do agree about the excessive cliche's and cheesy stuff, especially the baddies.

  • mr_snuggles0

    worship of false idols...

  • flavorful0

    I hate the whore because she told the kid's grandmother that it was the last time she was ever going to see her grandkid, after grandma was nothing but nice to her.

    Is her super power being a mega bitch?

  • Jaline0

    TheBlueOne, the brother who can fly is probably going to get murdered or hurt by Syler anyway, since his image was on the map in Syler's place.