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    Two years ago, after spending my entire life in NYC, I moved out to Austin, TX. Honestly, I wish I'd moved here years ago.

    Sure, say what you want about the "hipster scene" (there are "hipsters" everywhere)...but I have a 3 br house with a pool and a 2 car garage for a fraction of what I paid for a 2br apt in NYC and I'm minutes away from hill country and some of the best roads in the country (I ride/race motorcycles on the side). Plus I'm not watching my paycheck melt away because I'm no longer paying city or state tax.

    • more hipsters than Brooklyn? Wow.fadein11
    • fuuuuuuu .... so tempting!monospaced
    • yeah, but the worst thing about austin is that it sits in the middle of virtual nowhere. a day trip is going to dallas, houston or san antonio. zzzzzzlvl_13
    • i'm a jaded fuck though. my brother and family lived there and i got bored with it after the 5th or 6th trip there.lvl_13
    • I've always been near stuff (LA, NYC), so I can't imagine being in the middle of nowhere exactly. I like the idea of a big cheap house in nature though.monospaced
    • it's 3 hours drive to Dallas and the drive to Houston isn't that bad either. Besides...who really wants to go to either?GM278
    • it's the fastest growing citin in America right now. Hardly in the middle of nowhere. But to each their own. I'm going to jump in my pool after work. :PGM278
    • ^ city* in AmericaGM278
    • that was my point about those cities. who would really want to go to them? not me :) i'm going to go hike mt. rainier. bye!lvl_13
    • i do have to say that austin has some damn good food! and the trail along the river is great to run. see, i'm not all hate :Dlvl_13
    • It's not for everyone, lvl_13, this is true. In my experience NYC doesn't win out. (I've actually been to Mt. Rainier... Loved it.)GM278
    • if i ever moved back to tx that's the only city i'd considerSteveJobs
    • Austin isn't even in the top 25 fastest growing cities in the US. Austin gets the run off wealth from Dallas and houstonHayoth
    • https://www.census.g…GM278
    • Austin is a shiny new city, not really Texas anymore. Everything cool was demolished, its more like Portland. The music is still bad there for some reason.robotron3k
    • To all the trolls with an opinion about Austin, Nylon asked a question and having spent 42 years in NYC, I answered with my experience of moving.GM278

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