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Stormtrooper For Everyone?

So the man who made the Stormtrooper body armer has been given the Rights to mass produce the armer in a court hearing. But get this, he did not design or hold the copy rights to the designs or the product, WTF is that all about.


Far North

Did anyone catch Far North on Film4 a couple of nights ago, I and was completely surprised at how good it was, I hate the actor Sean Bean so always gave the film a miss, but even he worked well in the movie, I didn't see the ending coming, that was so fucked- up. Good film.


Fontexplorer X Website - Hello!

So do Linotype know there redesigned website for FontExplorer X Pro looks like it was designed for a 5 year old play school group?



Is it a good idea to use the @font-face, do most browser support embedded fonts know, are there other alternatives to the @font-face.


tumble time?




Can anyone give me some tips, advise on how you go about implementing the code for the .png fix in Dreamweaver? I am using the, unitpngfix.


Code Check

I am using the IE PNG Alpha Fix from and I cannot get the Alpha fix to work.

Is my code links referencing correctly to the .htc file, and the Blank.gif?

CSS --- img, div, a, input { behavior: url(/css/resources/ }

The .htc file is in my resources folder. css/resources/
The blank.gif file is referencing the images folder.
IEPNGFix.blankImg = '/images/blank.gif';


Dreamweaver CS3 ?

Quick Question?


CSS What! is going on

Could someone explain why the text is flowing out side the box when it should be flowing inside the div container? I don't get it?



Rounded Corners CSS

Anyone here got any helpful tips on basic rounded corners using CSS that work with all browser.



Disappearing Web page?

Can someone quickly test this link for me and tell me if this page displays in safari because I cannot see the page locally, or online. The page shows up in Firefox locally OK, WTF is going on!



Drunk QNB

Post here, YES

Here is a


After Chimp Attack

Bloody hell this is fucked up. I know chimps are dangerous and may be not the best idea for a pet, but this women got seriously messed up by one.


True Life Horror Stories

Anyone remember the Greyhound Bus beheading last year, I found a video clip on my mac of a witness being interviewed from the bus, this still freaks me out, the man must be completely insane, It's crazy shit like this that really scare me.…


Yas Hotel

Did anyone watch the Abu Dhabi F1 race over the weekend, I cannot believe they built that place in 2 years, amazing achievement, the Yas Hotel look great, I really liked the way it changed colour at night. Bloody impressive really, shame the race track was a bit of an after thought?


Transparent Images

So I have been out of web design for about 7 years now. It seem that Transparent images in web pages have really clean edges and can be laid out on textured background with no blending problems, when I was designing sites I always had a colour effect on the edge of the Transparent .gif to match your background colour. Is there something different going on with Transparent .gif, or are .png being used more for web design.

Anyone have any tutorials so I can get an idea as to what going on.



HBO Hung

Anyone catch this on UK TV , I thought it was quit funny, definitely some potential there.


Jenson Button World Champion

Come on boy, get in there. So happy right now, and a little drunk. :)


Moscow Cloud

So I was over at MSN video player thing and someone from Moscow got video of this crazy cloud formation over the city, do we all thing is Aliens, or maybe that kid in the Balloon again?…


Gradients Text Illustrator

I'm trying to make some Gradients text in Illustrator, but Illustrator is applying the Gradients to every single letter separately, is there a way to apply the Gradients to the text as a constant Gradient?


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