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Places to post Dev Jobs

Other than Krop, which is obviously the best place, where is good to post Grad/Junior Dev job ads?

I've found Krop and YCN to produce a high %age of good candidates and was looking for other places that have a similar level of quality applicants. Reed, Monster etc all churned out shit and recruiters.


Design freelance startup

I could have sworn some QBN guys produced something along the lines of a freelance portal with a curated pool of excellent freelancers.

Did I make this up? QBN-oogling Freelance startup etc didn't yield anything decent.

I think it was started by 2 regular QBNers.

If I got the service incorrect but you remember it let me know.


Awesome JS/CSS aggregator?

Hey all. I remember seeing a site a little while back that had some great examples of CSS/JS plugins arranged in a very colourful grid.

Each item had a slick colourful icon for it.

I usually save all my links with tagging but must have f**ked up on this one.

So yeah... Plugins and snippets... Colourful... Grid layout...


(LDN) Tech volunteering in May

Hey London QBNers,

The charity I work for, Apps for Good, is about to start it's annual competition.

The competition involves the kids that are taught IT/Comp Sci through Apps for Good submitting their app ideas to be shortlisted by a group of expert volunteers. Winners of the competition get to have their app developed professionally and get introduced to loads of cool people from the tech industry.

<company message>
We're looking for digital professionals to join us at our shortlisting events and help us shortlist the best student app ideas. We need people who are able to spot a good app idea when they see one as well as being able to assess ideas for innovation, originality, market, technical feasibility and suitability to platform.

The events will take place 8th, 12th, and 14th May at our offices off Old Street after-work with up to 20 Expert volunteers. It will be a mixture of an informal workshop reviewing of the ideas (which is fun and a real insight into the students we work with) and some networking afterwards (with other digital professionals who work in tech city). Food and drinks inlcuded!

If you’d like to come along to any of these dates please RSVP to:
</company message>

I wasn't at the company this time last year to be a part of the reviewing sessions but I've seen a lot of the entries from last year and it seems like a lot of fun. There'll be a massive range of ideas and it's a lot of fun seeing how creative the kids can be.


Scary situations

I was back in suburbia for Christmas to see my family and as I was walking from the local rural pub to the train station on my final night there 5 kids (I'd guess between 13 and 20) walked across the road.

One of them deliberately bumped into me, but I didn't want to cause anything so I just apologised - a simple and very English, "Oops, sorry!". One of the group then faced me aggressively and shouted "Sorry for being a fucking gay, I'll fuck you up!". I detest homophobia, but didn't want to cause a scene. I then calmly said "Oh I'm not gay, and I wouldn't be sorry if I was. I'm sorry because I bumped into your mate".

The little shit pulled a knife on me straight away and held it up to my chest but not pressed against me. He held it there for a little while and started shaking a bit, without saying anything. After a little while he just pulled it away, yelled "Fuck off gay or I'll stab you" and then they all ran off ahead. One of them lagged behind a bit and looked back at me as if to say "I'm sorry, my mates are fucking idiots".

What I found weird about the whole thing is that although I was the one being threatened, he was the one not in control of his shit. I've been stabbed in the leg before when I was a teen (mugging for a phone), had a gun held to me (making out with the wrong girl at Fabric) and while I was living in Bethnal Green I was held at knifepoint twice in a year. I don't think the kid had even thought "Yeah I'll pull a knife on a fucking randomer tonight" and I just remember his face after he pulled the knife out. He looked me in the eye in a very confused way that was almost asking me "What do I do know? I've fucked up here haven't I".

In the moment with the 5 of them I was cool as a cucumber, but 5 minutes later when I got to the station and needed to buy a ticket I was so shocked I couldn't even use the ticket machine.

It's very weird for me that I've now been in enough weird knife situations that I feel that I'm the person leading the situation when it happens to me. I feel like next time I'll probably say to my assailant "perhaps we should just do this round the corner as it's not well lit, and people can see you right now, you might get in trouble".


What's the scariest experience you've been in?


Long Application Forms

Hey guys. Have any of you seen any well-designed long application/registration forms?

I've been searching for a while now with little success. I'm looking for forms that have more than 20 fields to them.

I've looked at student loan applications (UK/US), Passport applications (UK) and voter registrations but found nothing good.

I think there must be some nice, well designed multi-stage forms but I can't find them.



Possibly the best video ever

A guy called me earlier today saying:

"I found your CV online and you make very good web builder person for my business. You pay up front and I give you many returns on your time and pleasure."

I asked him about his business and he said he had to go but to look at his "very positive business forward thinking business plan" online.

I thought it must have been some strange scammer but after watching his video, I'm convinced he's legit.

I present to you, PaidOnBills.Co.Uk



Post your Codepen here.

I'd love to see what some of you guys do.


SMR - This weekend

Is anyone going to it this weekend at the Old Truman Brewery?

I'm going on Saturday.

I think the name is banned, so here's a link for London people:


UK Umbrella company recommendations?

Just got a short term contract gig and it's my first time going down the freelancer sort-your-own-tax route.

Can anyone recommend a decent Umbrella company they use? I've found a "Top 10 Umbrella Companies" (http://www.umbrellacompanies.or... off Google but would prefer somewhere vouched for through here probably.


I do have the option of invoicing through my current startup but if the Umbrella doesn't cost much more then I'd prefer that to avoid the hassle.


If you would recommend anything else instead of an umbrella company that'd be welcome as well. I'm looking for a good deal but more keen for ease of setting up.


"Getting Started" examples

Hey guys. I'm looking for good examples of websites' "Getting Started" pages and content.

Things that try and get new users to see/try all the benefits of the service early on in the experience.

Some services force the user to go through this. Others give them a reference of what they have to do still.

I have a bunch of examples from services I use but I'm looking for good examples outside of those.


Services with incentivised onboarding

Hey guys and gals.

I'm trying to find web services that do a great job of motivating people to sign up for their service and get using it as frequently as possible after signing up.

Methods web services use to prevent the nosedive from number of people signed up to number of active users.

Dropbox has a numbered checklist of things to do in it's getting started.

Pinterest and Twitter both just throw you into doing stuff and don't give you time to think "meh I'll do this later."

Foursquare had a numbered list and location-tailored things to do:

Anything that uses gamification to get people using their stuff early is exactly what I'm after. "If you do XXXXX now then you get YYYYY" sort of stuff.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Shit promo shots

The incubator my company is part of told us they had arranged for all the companies in the incubator to have promo shots and footage taken.

We got our promo photo back today and I thought I'd share it.

I am in disbelief that they actually paid someone to do this!

It's 2 individual shots poorly Photoshopped onto a stock image of our building at bizarre angles. What's odd is that the incubator outsourced shit photographer and video prod guys when our incubation space is mainly video production and photography companies that would do a much better job.

The email we received from them:

"We've put the content live for you to take a look at ( I'm sure you'll agree it looks fantastic, and that Michele has done a superb job with the photography."



This popped up in my Twitter feed today.

"Your website is usually a customer's first impression. We do some of the best websites on the planet, so get in contact with us today."

Any guesses who said this?


A friend made this. Doesn't work for me for some reason but it's a bit of fun.

Give yourself Steve Buscemi eyes...


Web project up for grabs (London)

Posting on behalf of a video production guy in my incubation space who is pitching a project and will need either an awesome multitalented web design/dev chap or a small team.

What I have been told the website pitch involves:

1.) The site needs to be accessible by 50 users (password protected site). Not publicly accessible
2.) Dynamic image/thumbnail display - I showed him jQuery Isotope and he says that is exactly the sort of filtering he wants.
3.) Search functionality based on keywords & the admin of the site must be able to create categories for the images
4.) Search functionally based on color (probably same as above, just with a nice colour UI) - Like Google Images search by color.
5.) There will initially be 150 searchable images with tags (but this can expand over time)
6.) Thumbnail size needs to be adaptable (small/medium/large)
7.) High res Images need to be able to be downloaded and usage selected if it's for web, advertising and this needs to be tracked.

Essentially it's a small-scale stock site for internal use by a company - A way of managing their own branding material and in-house image libraries.

My friend is after a rough idea of what anyone who may be available may charge, and if possible a breakdown of what your fees might be per section.

Be aware this is for a pitch but he's only asking for your cost estimates and portfolio right now - No spec work!

If you're interested, send your price ,availability and portfolio to erwindeboer@stockpitch.leemail.m...


Worst Thing of the Day

...Coz my 'please send me condolences' thread needs to be an 'of the day' type.

Got burgled today.

4 laptops
3TB of external hard drives (ALL MY BACKUPS)
1 iPod
1 Traumatised little dog who was shoved in the basement during the break in...

Nothing too valuable but my girlfriend's wonderful little superspecced Hackintosh laptop got taken... And whoever has it now does not know how awesome it is. OC'ed C2Duo to 3.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB Internal Storage with an 80GB SSD for OSX and it'll be pawned for like £100 because it's a not-new Dell on the outside!


JS Bookmarklets

I'm looking for web services that use Javascript Bookmarklets in addition to, or as an alternative to, browser plugins.…

I found this article which lists some good ones:…

But wondering if there are any really nice examples that I may have missed.

I'm more interested in bookmarklets that add and enhance functionality of a product or website, rather than just ones for fun (such as SneakyGCR Goggles and Asteroids)


Sign In with FB/Twitter

Lately I've seen the 'Sign In with Twitter' and 'Facebook Connect' options available on lots of sites.

When it comes to having to do some research however, my mind has drawn a blank with the exception of

I'm looking for websites that allow you to sign in/sign up for services using FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and such.

Any example is a good example.


Si.. MiRo..

Anyone QBNers going this Sunday?

I'm looking at going to do some networking/elevator pitching, rather than recruiting. Would be cool to see some QBNers.


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