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Travel/holiday sites

Anyone seen any nice holiday/travel sites?

Need to see some good examples of lots of content and internal promotions well designed and organised.


I saw it in

Note to client:

"I saw it in a shop window and thought it looked nice, can we try this"

Is not the sort of feedback I want on the 20th design revision.


Super Hero

Superheroes appearing in old war photos. Good concept nicely done.


WP nav question

This has me slightly stumped and the wordpress forums are shit.

Anyone know how I can modify the standard WP nav:

<?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&amp;title_li=&amp;depth=2'); ?>

So that it outputs a class on any sub pages?

At the moment I get this:

<ul id="nav">
<li><ah href="#">Link</a></li>
<li><ah href="#">Link</a>
<li><ah href="#">Link</a></li>
<li><ah href="#">Link</a></li>

I just want to add a class of subnav to the second level ul but I'm fucked if I can find out how to do it. Any ideas folks?



Andrew Buurman

Great photography portfolio.


Design gallery

Set up a design gallery which you might find useful if you're short of a little inspiration one day!

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Company, meet creative

Updated cmc to provide a free job posting service for agencies and recruiters. Knock yourselves out!


Setting up affiliates links

Does anyone have any experience setting up affiliates for a site? I have a site and I'd like to be able to further promote it by asking website owners to feature my listings and of course then pay them.

However, I'm stuggling to figure out a solid way of how I should/could track an incoming visitor from their site to mine followed by the visitor then hitting a conversion page so I know who to pay for the traffic and how much (depends on a chosen price package).

Does anyone have any idea how I might be able to set this sort of thing up? It seems like it should be relatively simple but I'm just not sure where to start here.




Company, meet creative

Just relaunched Company, meet creative. Help a QBN'er spread the word!


Nice charity sites

Anyone got any links to nicely designed and highly accessible charity websites? I've had a look on the filter and there's not much that's very inspiring and the majority of sites that adhere to the top accessibility standards look shit.

I'm sure there are sites out there that meet the standards and actually look good as well but I can't find much!


How to deal with this?

Had an email from someone this morning who I've never spoken to (but whos name does sound familiar as being part of the client company) saying that one of my previous clients has basically had their hands in the till and has been using an ecommerce site I built a while back to rip off customers.

Now, the crunch here is that the client I dealt with who apparently has been sacked by the company for being a thief is the person who I signed a contract for work and they are the one who paid me.

The new person however is requesting I take down the site but I'm loathed to do so without some sort of evidence of wrongdoing because as far I'm concerned the contract was fine and the job paid for nearly 2 years ago.

Any thoughts on what I might do about this?

I still host the site on my server and while I'm not shitting it about being sued at this stage, I wonder if there's any sort of possible comeback for me hosting a site that is potentially ripping off people by taking orders then simply running off with the money?




Koen Demuynck

Belgian photographer with an interesting folio of shots.


Ecological debt day

Earth Overshoot Day marks the day when humanity beings living beyond its ecological means.

00Comments = music videos

Great little mashup of and youtube which allows you to enter a user name and it plays their songs and the video.


localhost management

Anyone got any thoughts how I can switch between using xampp set up on a drive (which I use nearly all the time) and a recently installed IIS which I'll be using to work on some asp pages?

I know there's a little windows app that you can use to switch between various different localhost sites (ie, what shows up when you go to localhost) but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called.

Any thoughts how I can run xampp and IIS side by side and switch between as needed?



The Vice guide to North Korea

Excellent VBS video series of a freaky trip to North Korea.


Sea Campaign

Great campaign against stopping waste being dropped in the Mediterranean. More nice work in the portfolio too.


UFO Files

The National Archives holds other UFO files that have already been released by the Ministry of Defence.


Ansel Adams's Yosemite

Nice overview presentation about Adams's work in Yosemite.


clickcartpro licence for sale

I've got a licence for click cart pro I don't need any longer, if anyone is interested in buying it for a job that needs it, give me a shout. Cheers.…


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