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April Fool's Jokes

Can we just stick 'em all in here this year?




“If we extrapolate the results of this study across the country and include feral cats, we find that cats are likely killing more than four billion animals [in America] per year, including at least 500 million birds".


Cats are assholes.



Bit late to the party on this one.

Anyone else slightly awed by the potential of this kind of game concept?


Smart Drugs?

I'm curious to know whether anyone here has ever tried so-called smart drugs for the occasional (or, perhaps, constant) upping of their game?

I've read a couple of articles that hint that scientists, soldiers, lawyers and students (the common socio groups mentioned when a drug sub-culture tries to justify its existence - all we need now are judges and policemen...) across the West have been selectively dosing up on things like Provigil, Prozac or Adderall during exam tests or periods of work pressure, so was wondering whether people in the more creative fields were doing the same? I mean, we all know that old school lifestyle drugs are rife, and there's more than one CD out there tenuously keeping his edge on coke, but we all know that's not a smart path to take for any amount of time*.

As I'm likely never going to touch amphetamines again, I was wondering whether one of these more legitimate pharma options could usefully be employed during those strenuous deadline times when a few extra hours focus here or there could make all the difference.

Anyone chime in?

(and, sadly, I'm not really interested in tales of people boshing ecstasy, speed, acid, coke or totting pot - there've been enough threads on that sort of thing).

* Actually, I wouldn't want to suggest that pharma drugs are a long-term option, but .. well, mutter.


Android Music Apps

Apologies if this is repeated - I couldn't see anything in the Android App thread, and got lost in the music hardware thread.


Anyone got any recommendations for wee apps to faff around making wee tunes with?

Particularly in the vein of LoopStack*, or Rebirth (Propellerheads appear to only do iOS stuff :( )





Sod Facebook.
Sod Ello.
Sod Minecraft.

Sod QBN?



I'm trying to explain to my dearly beloved partner the ridiculousness of extreme-edge tumblr-esque feminism, as she's only seen the counter reaction "I don't need no feminism, thanks" photos with otherwise well-meaning, balanced, women holding up scrawled placards, etc...

...can you point me in the direction of one of the sources for the stuff you've posted here over the past year or so?

I'm having a hard time explaining how ridiculous the 'debate' has got in some of the duller parts of America.



Vinyl Cutting, London

Any recommendations?

By which I mean ‘companies you've used’, not ones you've just Googled for. I just did that.

Had two contacts, but one messed up a job for a client a while back, and the other one simply hasn't got back to me.



< this doesn't do what it used to

it just doesn't.


Web-based FTP?

For reasons that are too gut-twistingly irritating to get into right now, I need a web-based FTP interface... that I can trust.

There are plenty of Google hits, but given the nature of the beast, I'd want to use one that I felt comfortable wasn't going to just keep my login details!

Anyone have any recommendations?



Shit's making me sooo angry right now.


Decent UK webhost?

Looking for solid, quick and dependable recommendations for UK Hosts whose servers are located in the UK.

I had Heart on my list, but someone whose opinion I trust dissuaded me from them... although I'd be happy to hear of any contrary experiences.



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