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Tax Extension

For the first time ever I had to file an extension. We're in the middle of moving and I can't find my paperwork anywhere. Who else has had to file an extension?


Event Calendar

A client is requesting an event calendar added to their site. Other than Gcal, what other robust calendar apps are out there?




Tetrad 2014

We're Fucked!…


TFC - 5 on 5 Team MMA


Vicinity Map (js) or (api)

Looking for a good vicinity map to use for clients. The one we were using used maps api v2. They recently depricated v2, and v3 is shit.

I need something similar to this, but the list and points need to be clickable.…


David Letterman Retiring in 2015…


Photo Frame X Animated Gifs

Has anyone tried adding animated gifs to a photo frame. I assume they would have to be made into videos.


United States Haircut

The United States has issued guidelines requiring all men to wear their hair just like their supreme leader, Barack Hussein Obama II, an American news outlet has reported.


NASA Z-2 Space Suit

Vote for your favorite design

Option A: "Biomimicry"

Option B: "Technology"

Option C: "Trends in Society"…


Maynard Keenan's House is For Sale

Maynard Keenan's House is For Sale for $2.75 million……


Livr App



The Miracle Machine

If this really works, they will make millions if not billions.…


Queen X Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert becomes the new front man for Queen.…


Key Clasp

Looking for a nice key clasp. Saw this one on Fab today. Has anyone seen any similar ones out there or other styles you like?


Celebrity Meat

This has to be a hoax.…



looks interesting...has anyone used this?


Flash Word Wall

A client is requesting something similar to this for a lobby big screen. Has anyone seen anything similar to this done in flash that feeds from an XML file and randomly displays the words or phrases? Preferable an FLA that we can purchase and customize. Also, please post any similar examples that you seen. Thanks!

I look on flashden and didn't really see anything similar.


Wordpress Question ??

Ok, a client wants to have an infinite list of available units for an apartment complex. It waill show available units on the availability page.

The list will only show available units. They need to be able to add and delete from this list at any time.

The only way I currently know of to do this is with a post category along with custom fields. This mixe in with the news blog though.

Is there a plugin out there, or a tutorial that allows you to have a separate blog roll to use on a page that doesn't show in the regular posts section?


Russian People :/


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