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Cool Story, Bro

Got a new number last month. Get about 20-30 calls a day for this guy. Finally yesterday someone texted about the "first big check" coming in the mail, and looking forward to seeing me on the river this weekend.

So I called the guy back, and it turns out that I have this guy's old phone number:…

Pretty cool, I guess. My first quasi-brush with celebrity.

Anyway, continue on, just had to share that with someone somewhere.


Must-Have Interaction Design Books

Just looking for a solid listing. Thinking about picking up a few new good reads.



Books for Art Directors

I have a guy who we just promoted to Junior Art Director, real spunky and creative guy, but he has zero management experience. He's a great creative leader, but he wants some stuff to read to improve his studio and people management skills. I have what I know over the years in my head that I've been imparting over time, but was having a hard time pin-pointing specific books for him to read tonight. It's been a while since I've even had time to look at my own bookshelf! "The War of Art" is on my list for him, as well as "The Seed," but could use some other good references. I know there are a few that I've read out there, but for some reason I simply can't think of any of them right now. Hoping you guy can assist!



Website Reference

I can't even think of the right way to explain the example I'm looking for. I want to call it experiential, but that's not exactly right. Essentially, it's a gridded website layout where "pages" or content areas of a site lie outside of the viewport and slide around vertically or horizontally on a grid based on interaction. I have a project I'm working on right now that I need some samples to show to a client during a pitch and riff off of the overall concept. I've seen several examples over the years, but can't recall any right now.

Thanks in advance for any help.


UI Font

Someone posted a font in the last year or so that was actually UI elements. Any leads on this? Couldn't find it in the Useful Thread, but might have missed it too.


Sickeningly interesting and fun works.


Android App Design

I have done a couple of iOS apps now, but never a Droid-only app. What are the best practices for designing to these 1000 different screen sizes for a native app?

Thanks, could really use some insight on this.



I found Beckett Light on which is close, but not the same. Thanks.


Wall Hanging

Just moved into a new place, looking for something large, white and interesting to go above my couch, on a grey wall. Could be a sculpture, a painting, a large print.

Open to any ideas.



Have a client who insists on using this weak ass script font over some photos on their photo portfolio site. Pretty lame, but eh, I'm in no mood to fight it:


Google Sign-up

Nice new sign-up page/process. Kind of funny though, you enter all the info on the 1st step, hit Next, and suddenly you're at step 3 and complete.

Also, what's up with the huge Google Wave logo vs. the other core apps? Strange to see Wave—on its way out—larger than YouTube, Gmail and G+.…


Fuse/Swedish House Mafia

It must cost a shitload of money to get YouTube to host your video AND remove their branding from the sub-area site temporarily.…


Woodcut Imagery

Any good resources for finding older illustrations/woodcut/diagrams that are in public domain or free to use?


SEO Question

I know a fair bit about SEO, but I've run into an issue that I hadn't really thought about before.

I was analyzing inbound traffic to my site, and it appears that a lot of traffic (17%!) seems to be coming from mobile devices. So I pulled up my site on mobile and realized that my mobile redirect script is keeping users who use search strings via Google from hitting sub-pages to my site (projects specifically), therefore I'm not getting the overall correct PageRank for those sub-pages thanks to this mobile setup.

For example, a typical user might search for a string related to some project I've done (in this case, "bloom", such as the one that follows (4th or so link from the top to…

On mobile, when they hit that page, I can't tell if it's registering the actual page visit, or if the re-direct is executing so fast that the page visit isn't counted, and instead I'm not getting any weighted value for these types of searches.

Thought I would throw this out to the masses... I am about to knock out a new site, and don't want to make the same mistake if I am doing this wrong.

Thanks in advance.


Keynote for iPad

Did some poking around and couldn't find a definitive yes or no to this question.

If I create a Keynote presentation on my iMac, will the iPad version support ALL of the animations types? The app description in the App Store is vague enough that I could assume each answer is correct.

I am doing a preso for our sales team to use in our other offices, and we don't have an iPad sitting around right now (we gave them all to the sales team, doh).

Thanks for any info.


.AN Domain

Not having the best of luck finding info on registering .AN domains. Anyone in the Netherlands that can assist me with local presence—I'll compensate them for their time and assistance?

Is this TLD even still around and able to be registered, or is it deprecated?



Do you think it's possible to disappear anymore? I'm talking abandon bills, car, student loan payments, etc and go hide in a foreign country.



Having some fun this Saturday with my housemate, and we're trying to figure out how we can get Serato (in our basement, in the dance area), through to our Airport Express, so it can be playing upstairs as well during our Halloween party. Any suggestions?

We setup Rogue Amoeba's stuff and got that working, but after looking into streaming, it doesn't seem like there's a way to do this on the iPhone or iPad.


Browser Baseline

A lot has changed with browser adoption, and I frankly haven't kept up. Firefox still has the lion's share, so what is your lowest common denominator these days?



Flag Pros

Was driving down the street yesterday and saw this company had a really nice, minimal logo and truck design. Decided to take a look at their website, and wow, my eyes almost broke. Welcome to '99, people. When our company very politely called and emailed then about their website, they said, "We are very happy with the way the website looks, and it is exactly how we want it to be."

Something tells me the owner's son created this monstrosity.


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