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Brand Name Development Questionnaire

Any recommended resources or examples would be lovely.


Alien Questine

An alien species of 60 million specimens lands on earth and informs the world that they want to begin co-habitating earth with humans. In exchange for being allowed to live in unpopulated areas in existing countries, they will supply humanity with science and technology.

They look like pic related and they smell like rotten bananas. On average they have the equivalent of 200 human IQ points. They are quick to assimilate into the cultures of their host countries and speak every human language fluently. They get jobs, commit no crime apart from the occasional petty crime, mostly out of ignorance of the law, and they are contributing taxpaying members of society.

The only problem is that they chose earth to live on because they are a break away religious sect from their planet, and their chief deity is Adolf Hitler, who they learned about by intercepting a Nazi radio transmission from earth in the 1930s. No matter how hard you try, you cannot convince them that Adolf Hitler was bad. They also are not convinced the Holocaust happened, but they don't press the issue. They decorate their homes and neighborhoods with swastikas and they greet each other by saying "sieg heil" and giving a Roman salute. They will often be found bidding on Nazi memorabilia online and at auctions. Once a year, they are required by their religion to travel to Bavaria and pay homage to Adolf Hitler. Other than this though, they are peaceful and non-violent, unless attacked.

Would you be okay with your country hosting 2 million of these creatures in a remote, mostly uninhabited part of your landscape?


Natural Portrait Photography

Hello, I'm looking for more examples or photographers capturing natural looking portraits. Not the typically staged 3/4 view stuff we're inundated with.

Shots more like these:

Come across any great examples lately?


U Two

yay or nay


what does everyone think?


Places to post Dev Jobs

Other than Krop, which is obviously the best place, where is good to post Grad/Junior Dev job ads?

I've found Krop and YCN to produce a high %age of good candidates and was looking for other places that have a similar level of quality applicants. Reed, Monster etc all churned out shit and recruiters.


Kate Bush live

Kate's back!

Kate's front!

She was in such good form Saturday night, telling us how much she loved us, god the audience just lapped it up,
there were some folks near us in raptures, a bit annoying to be honest as they whooped and hollered at
every opportunity. There were some celebs, a couple of seats in front was Moby - celebrating his 49th,
the reason I know this was I had read it in the 'i paper' on the train going down, he was sat with his
young son (?) who was dressed identical to him, jeans/t-shirt, shaved head! he was the youngest person I saw there.

The programmes are really beautiful (of course) and were worth the £15 - there were lovely posters too
and the T-shirts which have wings on the back were £25. All the hoola about having ID etc was not enforced,
they just scanned the tickets and we were in. The general vibe was so chill and relaxed - nothing to do with the
3 pints and a spliff we'd had before we went in. The first half hour was a few odd LP tracks, Top of The City and
Running Up That Hill were good but the revelation was an incredibly powerful, goose pimply version of
King Of The Mountain, which made the single sound weak in comparison, it was the nearest she came to rocking out.

The main course was The Ninth Wave in the first half and the stage gets transformed from the normal set you
see in the pics, and it becomes a mix of theatre, film and WTF, and her voice was spot on throughout, any doubts
about her not cutting it were swept away, she really was as good as you'd hope she would be.
Although the second half of A Sky Of Honey from Aerial was hit and miss for me, there were still the theatrics and some
beautiful backdrops film of birds and the moon etc but the piece as a whole was a bit self indulgent and I suppose after
the first half being so good it was hard to top. It came to a bit of a Eh? moment half way through when her son
Bertie sang a song, and to be honest he cannot sing at all, and that was almost painful to hear, but the polite applause
he received was for who he was more than what he'd just subjected us to.

She finished off with a few more album tracks and a good run through of Cloudbusting and then she was off.
The show finished at around 11 and of course the queues at the tube were pretty grim, along with train delays
at Euston and a packed last train home I didn't get in until gone half 2am so was pretty shattered yesterday
but the abiding memories are of a fantastic experience and well worth the money, hassle and wait.


video editing software.

yo people!

i'm looking to grab some editing software to edit videos captured from my camera, have had a look online and was just wondering what you lot would recommend from your own personal experiences.



What you have on desktop?

I add first random photo,w400.jpg


Robot Vacuum

Who has one? Does it work? How about if your home is not an empty square. I have doorsteps ropes, rugs and all that shit. Or should I wait a bit till they are less expensive and can do more shit.
https:// width="425" height="355">


Locations search on website

I'd like to add something to a site that allows the user to type in a postal code to get locations near them that serve a product.

Do you guys know any solutions or codebases that I can start with and customize?


lighting DIY

I've got a nice open space, two stories high with space for a nice hanging lighting piece. Looking for inspiration for a DIY.



Minimum rate?

What is your minimum rate? What if a client's friend needs some help resizing images or with a quick layout and the work might take 1 or 2 hours at most, what do you say you charge?


$8/ hour

Be a graphic designer for the NBA...earn $8 an hour!! lol



music to have sex to


I hate french but hey

https:// width="425" height="355">


rfp response

Planning on sending an rfp response to a large company. We're thinking about sending a packaged ipad that functions like a touch screen kiosk.

Has anyone done anything similar to this?



probably timeline, but i couldn't find it / haven't seen it here.

this trailer makes me want to watch this film more than most blockbusters do...time to rethink things hollywood?


Rant of the Day

I will start with this excellent one from Deathboy:
"i hate the apple fanboys that act like 13 yr girls at a bieber show. like uh this is my favorite ooooh noooo this is my favorite this is the really bestiest best in the whole world. lalalala i can't hear u it's the best you're a hater, and your sooo jelly.
apple. meh whatever. theyre good at using every logical fallacy and psych maneuver to manipulate people who would rather not have the responsibility of shopping around, or learning about specs, OS, thinking in general and turning them into consumer whores in a closed system. I'd say that lazy 13 yr old self obsessed hysterical girl mentality is there greatest success.
My only grief is I think Apple is bad for people. Nothing positive about it. Turns people into uniform consumer whores. Killed the webs creativity with killin flash. And really the deceptive advertising. I've always believed advertising should be a trade off of entertainment for your watching time. Not preachy bible guilt ridden, political ad campaign, but well executed styles. The hyperbole of it all is insane, its like watching a insane church rallying with a healer saying devil be gone and people chanting. There methods are excellent but i disagree with them, but im a free market guy so whateva. As long as competition doesnt dumb shit down to their levels too much or force U2 on me im like meh whatever the crazy kids will one day grow up. And better if the peopel agaisnt apple not to get involved. Its like if a parent tells their girl Bieber sucks and is a fuckin tool. They'll just love him that much more. ... which is probably why they use such hyperbole...fuckers"


Mac to PC switcher: tips?

Just built a pc for the first time in a while. I'll be using both Mac and PC in production but wanted know what utilities/apps/practices you guys use to keep your PC gear in tip top shape?

I was gonna start off by installing all my apps and then cloning the OS drive for those fun catastrophic crash moments. What all do you do?


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