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Baby X Overlord Apocalypse

The future of the human race... to be gerber-fied into bio-synthetic protein paste fuel to power the server farm grids of our ever-learning, merciless Baby X Overlords. Now on Blu-ray.



What will you do...

...with your life?


looking 4 photographer

i'm looking for a photographer that had portraits of people with huge swaths of black cloth laying on the ground within vast landscapes. i don't think it was jean paul bourdier, and it deffo wasn't andy goldsworthy—yet I feel there was some similarity with both artists.

ring a bell, anyone?


Design patterns sites

I am looking for websites that collect mobile and tablet screen design/screenshots.
Ideally the content would be sorted by types (check out, profile page, etc) as in this three listed below. Any links?




I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.

I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.

Check this cock... sorry cop out:…

Now you can't say you were not warned.


Philly Visual/Interaction Designers

Hey QBN folks,

Wanted to know if you could recommend a senior-level visual/interaction designer in Philly (or who wants to come to Philly). Really just trying to get a handle on the area talent pool—who can prototype for an executive audience and is good with product / big system design.
as I draft other planning stuff and I can't give any details up front (yes, I know how annoying that is).

Post here or send to my listed email (which is a semi-junk box that I will check later).




They are on the verge of entering saudi arabia where they enjoy tons of support, they have their sights on creating an empire spanning north africa to asia. They have support from radicals everywhere including western countries. I fear there will be a catastrophic global war if they aren't stopped now, nip it in the bud now or face dire consequences.…


Dj Xfactors


thank god it's friday


Best notetaking / scrapbook app

Hi - any good online and app based scrapbooks?
Need Android app for phone and browser based website/app.
For keeping joblists, notes, ideas, images - anything really.


Stuck Illustrator

Illustrator decided to completely freeze and annoy me with the spinning ball of death. Sooo, is there a temp file that I could recover while Illustrator is still open?


Happy Days


552 episodes of Simpsons


Dropdown Menus

So what's the go...are they becoming a bit old hat? If you have a site with a bunch of sub pages in each section, are they still a good way to go as far as navigation is concerned?


Zurich next week

I'll be in Zurich next week. Can anyone recommend some cool things to do and see?

I plan on checking out the Museum of Design and the Kunsthaus. I heard the Bahnnofstrasse is great for a walk and window shopping.

I might take a train to Lucerne. The lion monument looks awesome!…

How's the nightlife there? Are there any nice clubs with good house & trance music?

Any of you savages going to the Frontend Conference?


WeWorkForThem Alternative

Hey guys,

Whats the alternative to

Any clues?


FMT 082214

Dntel - Human Voice…

https:// width="425" height="355">


Mailbox for Desktop


Have 3 betacoin invites:

Keep sharing.


Unpretentious Graphic Art

Looking for some more examples like this:


R.I.P. Manny Pacquiao…

looks like another scumbag site fishing for traffic, you notice them popping up when someone famous dies, ex: when robbin williams passed last week, a few "robin williams death hoax" links got millions of hits & a nice payoff.

people have no fucking shame


Which Logo do you prefer?

weigh in please.



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