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Disable Images

Firefox Hello

I just noticed this. Has anyone tried it yet?…


Masters in Fine Arts

Who here has a masters in Fine Arts?


Sketching a Still Picture

I was just asked to create a hand drawn looking style for some still graphics for a video project. Any ideas on where to start? The sketch filters in Photoshop seem pretty sloppy.
I was thinking of taking a still image, bring into Photoshop and trace the outlines but this seems super tedious.
Anyone have any techniques to share?


Portfolio Question

What are your thoughts on people banging shit out and mocking up LOADS of visuals, putting them on 'social design sites owned by Adobe' in order to turn a simple 'identity project' into a full 'branding project'?

'social design sites owned by Adobe' seems to be 'mock up' central




I have a genuine question that I want to ask you guys but 'my request has been denied due to the nature of its content'?

Its a simple portfolio question?

Since when did QBN start telling you what you can and cant post!?!?!




iPad Holograms are here !


New Alien Movie…

'According to insiders, the new “Alien” takes place years after the “Prometheus” sequel.'

Weaver coming back may be


Wordpress developers UK

Does anyone have any recommendations for wordpress developers in the UK, preferably London.
Need to develop an agency site based on WP. Could be an agency or an individual.
Any help is appreciated.



any one with good resources on the use of colors and it's meanings etc?


Japan Bicycle Parking Technology


ecommerce page question

what is this type of page called where you can select different options and the price changes accordingly?…


What monitor u use?

Herro Guiseee,

I have a retina macbook pro and want to get a monitor to use with it. To be honest, I don't want to have to buy anything flash like a 4k screen so wondered if any of you guys had a nice mid range screen you would recommend?

Pref one with a thin edge as I might get two if decent price.


Illustrator CC font menu

My font menu items are white with a white highlight.

Changing the UI colour makes no difference, it's not the global OS highlight colour and it only happens on the font menu.

It's not the end of the world but is this happening to anyone else? Solved it? Not bothered?


The most inspiring!

Who is on your list of the most inspiring: artists, designers, painters, innovators, architects, musicians, film directors, fashion, photographers, influencers, etc...


A'Design awards

Hi QBN, I need a little consulting. I recently received an invitation to enter the A'Design awards contest. I don't have a pulse on the design awards or contest scene and was wondering if this is worth it?

It has an associated registration fee, but that's not much concern to me. I just want to know how 'important' or 'prestigious' this contest is.


Scott Adams: The Best Lifestyle Might be the Cheapest

Some interesting ideas from Scott Adams creator of Dilbert…


NFL Helmets

Design Company Creates Bold Concept Helmets for All 32 NFL Teams…



"ZADOR" - doesn't need to be exactly this font but I like this style. What is it called and what good fonts do we have here?


What Clients Don’t Know...

... and Why It’s Your Fault!!


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