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Blocs.... anyone else seen this?

looks like quite a bit of fun for an app....looking forward to giving this a spin when it's released shortly....

anyone else checked this out?


css float columns

how do I set up floats to make this collapse like this

resizing the browser window?


Motion GFX Concepts..

Feeling stale in my conceptualization process while designing motion graphics. Anybody have some good resources for taking a script to storyboard?


FMT 141114

Mr Oizo - The Church……


AE Advice

I have a bunch of drawings, sketches, and flat art I want to animate like this.

Are these drawn frame by frame? He mentions toonboom in the comments. Any advice, help, similar tuts around like this?

Do you scan in the drawing and then pull it apart in Photoshop, layer it, then take into AE and puppet it? Or is there a better workflow?

Another example is (from a 3 part illustration)
https:// width="425" height="355">



in association with

what comes next?


Art Directors


C4D Hoodie

I'm looking for a realistic hoodie template that I can texture myself for C4D

This one looks pretty good, but I was hoping to find something cheaper…

Anyone has ideas on where I can find such thing?
Thanks in advance


Looking for TestFlight Beta users

Hi Guys,

I am about to release a major update to my app. Wanted to reach out to you to see if anyone is interested in helping beta test.

You can sign up here:


Modern Screen Serif's

I'm designing an ipad app and find all the regular serif's just don't work well on iOS. any good suggestions?


Laptop yo..

Recommendations for new laptop please. PC, i5, min. 2GB graphics, SSD, not win 8, £1k or less. Go.. (ta)


FL Designers

QBN (NT) is going to kill me, but are there any designers available for freelance? Sorry QBN

email me:


Rosetta Comet Landing

Holy shit!... we're trying to land and washing machine on a comet! (or something the size of a washing machine that should send all sorts of cool pictures and data to us while tethered to a comet). Rad.

Live stream of the days events here:…

Looks like the next update isn't until early afternoon (US time): "Live ESA TV report on first science data coming from Philae during descent. Touch down expected 16:02 GMT / 17:02 CET."


Metal/Metallic Paper Prints

Have a small boutiquey gallery here in Dallas that will be selling a few pieces from a couple different series of my art work. I really want to put my work on metal prints b/c it's the only way to output that i have seen that truly gives colors a depth and saturation that im used to staring at a retina screen all day.

The metallic paper i have seen seems like a decent second option at around 1/10th the cost. I am curious if anyone has done larger prints(12"x24"--48"x64" range is what im looking at currently) and has figured out any tricks on keeping cost down?


Elite: Dangerous

I was a fan of the original, anyone tried the new version?


Client counters rate?

Client sends you brief, you send quote, client writes back with counter offer. What do you do?


TV Set up Cable or stream?

Thinking of getting out of the cable life and seeing what other folks are doing. It hard because i love my sports (mainly hockey and baseball) .How are you guys and gals all set up?


New work. New site.

Haven't posted on here in some time, but thought I'd share my new portfolio site. Enjoy.


Christmas 2014 Wishlish

For those of you that have been good boys and girls and stayed away from the evils of this world 2014 brought us (ISIS, Ebola, Malaysia Airlines, 4chan and the general internet etc)

What would you like from Santa?


New Pizza Hut Logo


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