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Malaysia Flight MH17



Living Off the Grid

Has anyone fantasized about this? I think about taking my savings, and moving closer with nature. Buy some cheap little house, and just freelance.


Use of serif fonts for web body copy?

Would you use serif fonts for web body copy, on a site where readability is important?

There has been a lot of debate on this. Personally, i find, say, Georgia, as legible to read as, say, Arial. But it goes against what i learned at school.

Thoughts? :)


the last letter

fun game that can be good for forums like this. couldn't figure out how to search to see if it'd been done, so i figure that's a good sign. anyway.

take a book / movie / record / something in media, drop the last letter to give it a new definition. examples:

No Country for Old Me
Lady and the Tram
Arcade Fir

anyway, for those that need time to fill, figuring these things out can be fun


Under the stairs

Ok, so we're designing a pretty cool bar that's a mash-up of industrial / mid century modern stylee. The plan was to install an old school photobooth under some stairs for folks to goof around in but to cut a long story short it 'ain't gonna happen. I need any ideas of what we could put under here that'd be a laugh to see / use in this bar. Zoltan fortune teller.....? In the UK so we gotta be able to buy / make quick style


New Airbnb 'sexual' logo?

Airbnb launches new logo called Bélo (yes, they named it) and of course, the internet chimes in...…





Back on the horse

It appears that for the first time in 7 years im officially going to be working hands on in design having spent the past years learning seo and marketing (dabbling in design when i can stick my oar in)... just got the printer in to discuss output and had some paper and coating reps in to look at finishes... my how digital printing has come along! now if i can only find a Leeds based company that does letterpress lol.

needless to say im v excited. time to show these kiddies how its done lol.


Activated fonts?

How many activated fonts do you have at any given time on your computer?

I use FontExplorer and have about 900 out of 5000 fonts activated. Is that too much?


Help me out!…

Stan Winston school had a contest to create a monster. They've narrowed it down to 25, and only 2 will win. The winners get a full suit made of their monster to be used in a short film, and a poster design course by Adobe. If you know me, you know I'm all about this crap, and I have a piece of artwork in the running. SLUGERA, a giant monster slug, designed by Randy Shilling, and rendered in zBrush by me, needs your LIKE! Please, as a favor to an old time QBN'r, hook up that page with as many likes as you can. I gotta see this thing made ! Thanks for reading. Let the jokes begin : )


is this stealable?

an intentionally provocative headline to a serious questine.

i found this animated pendant on a fancy jewellery site…

I'm trying to find out how the animation has been done, but i'm no code expert and i can't find the code that's powering it, despite digging around with the developer tools in chrome.

could one of you experts have a look and tell me if it's proprietary (it seems to be based on yui which is open source but i'm not sure). if it is open source could you point me in a direction to grab the code that's making this happen. I don't need all the drag and drop gizmodery - I only want the mechanism that animates the pendant- all images will be replaced.



This is important

Does anyone know how to do a rocket symbol/emoji in gchat? Not in email but gchat?

Thanks for your time & take care,


Mac Mail HELP!!

Two things:

1) Mac mail turns english words into foreign words - why?

2) The cursor always seems to be in the wrong place - ie when you click in the middle of a word - it is normally 2-3 characters out.

Anyone else having this problem

Running 10.9.2



International account

Anyone have any links/contacts?

Much appreciated.



Design freelance startup

I could have sworn some QBN guys produced something along the lines of a freelance portal with a curated pool of excellent freelancers.

Did I make this up? QBN-oogling Freelance startup etc didn't yield anything decent.

I think it was started by 2 regular QBNers.

If I got the service incorrect but you remember it let me know.


JC Penney real size mannequins

Saw this window yesterday while going to the subway.

Somewhat interesting concept to show the reality of body types, but is it necessary?

Do people get upset about the standard modern mannequin model or are people being too sensitive?

Another point being JCP placed these mannequins in the darkest, lowest entry point into the facility - most people wouldn't even notice.


Fucked Up

Below is a list of things I own (that might as well own me, you know, as in Fight Club Tyler Durden style, but that is besides the point now..) that are currently fucked up and/or not working in some way for me in the past month.

All of these items are very good quality, the lowest price being $350 new, the most expensive almost 80k.

Sunglasses fucked up
Car fucked up
Watch fucked up
Laptop fucked up
TV fucked up
Headphones fucked up
iPhone fucked up

I think that is it for now, sure there is something I am missing. I will let you know.

What have you got that is all fucked up?


I have a box of alcohol

So I'm moving from SF to Philly in about a week and I have this box of alcohol that was in my cabinet... mostly unopened but some things have been poured a little. Gin, tequila, whiskey, cognac, liqueurs, bitters, etc. I don't know what to do with it. It's probably like 200 bucks worth of booze. Anyone in the area interested in taking it off my hands?


KINECT Creative Tools

Just bought the new Kinect, arriving in a few days. Excited to start using it in projects but not really sure where to start.

Does anyone have any tips / recommendations / tutorials / resources / warnings about 3rd party software or even physical techniques and hacks to get good results?

I'm mainly interested in 3D scanning, motion tracking & animation.. But cool interface / interactive applications are welcome too.


Looking for Brand / Logo Freelancer!

Hello friends, I'm looking for some help redesigning a client's brand. Send me your portfolios / and rates please! Experience with entertainment clients (filmmakers, distributors, production companies, etc) would be a plus but not necessary... Email is in my profile

Also the next phase will include an animation of the logo so motion peoples inquire as well if you're interested.

Thank you in advance!


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