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Open source design apps

Any out there that are free, that is easy to use in a browser- for someone who does not know how to use Photoshop. This person just needs to make a simple holiday card.


Do you understand abstract art?

4 years of art school, and I still don't really understand modern or abstract art. I didn't major in fine arts but i'd like to understand it more.



Amazing movie, Just watched it. My mood is currently depressed and enlightened.

https:// width="425" height="355">



This seems like a cool little concept, anyone here try it? thinking of getting it for the kids.


That other analytics

Some years ago, there was another tracking website,
it looked kinda techy,
anyone remember the name?


Sharp pain in neck?

Yesterday afternoon, for some reason I started feeling pain when I would turn my head. Nothing that bad, I hoped it would go away.

Today, I wake up and my neck is burning. It is really sharp pain if I move head at all. All the pain / burning is on the left side. I assume I just pulled a muscle, but I've never had pain like this.

Any suggestions?


iMessage issues

Trying to send a 'blue text' from my phone.

In the old days this was considered a free text between iPhones.

Now known as iMessage, you can obviously send 'messages' from your computer to peoples phone numbers...

All of a sudden, certain people I cannot 'blue text' it says 'not set up for iMessage.

We are both clearly on iPhones texting number to number so to speak...

Anyone else got this problem?


Newspaper printing in San Francisco and Boston

Hi, I will have to print a magazine (newspaper style) that gets distributed in Germany and in the USA (San Francisco and Boston).

Does anyone have experiences with newspaper printers in that areas? Any recommendations?

Would it be more economical to print in only one of the cities and then ship a part of the print run to the other place?

I initially thought of printing it all in Germany but shipping to the US would be around 1500 € (for one location).

Completely clueless here about printing in the US, so any help very appreciated!


What the font?


Mac Invoicing Software

I know there are lots of Invoicing software out there, and I have looked over a lot of them, but I am looking for some good recommendations of Mac Billing/Time-tracking and invoicing software.

Personally I prefer something I buy and own rather than pay per month. I currently use on-the-job which is ok but looking for something with more features, and the ability to backup to dropbox/icloud. So far I have looked at - on-the-job, billings pro, freshbooks, totals and a few others. Any good recommendations?


The Brand Union?

Anybody worked at this agency (NYC office)?

What was it like if so?



What's the longest set of hours you've worked

What's the longest set of hours you've worked on a project in a day.

I put in 13 today.


Most listened to track?

Check iTunes and sort all the songs by number of plays. What's number one? Post it with how many plays.

Girl Talk - Believe in Magic (116 Plays)


Best rock, punk, metal 2014

I know many QBNers listen to electro music. But I want to know what are your best rock, punk, metal.. albums of 2014? Anything with some distorsions, y'know.


Online Web Design Classes

I ran into this and was wondering if anyone has done it or knows of anything similar. Opinions?…



Is the samsung galaxy note 4 any good? I'm leaning towards the note mainly because of the stylus for drawing and notes. Other recommendations? I'm a bit hessitent on the iphone 6 plus and the kind of updates or u2 bono type of stuff they do.


2 Agreements

If 2 contract/work agreements are signed by freelancer and client. Who's agreement trumps whose?


Not true about design

Things that you were told breaking into the industry that are not true.



I am visiting NY next week for 14 days, at a friend's place who resides in the bronx. Never been to the states.

Any tips on the not so usual places to visit?

Already on the list:
- coney island
- chinatown
- the high line



Art similar to this 2

I didn't want to hijack the other thread. But it seemed like the focus of the question was on every but what I found interesting.

I'm interested in the linear drawing of the dog at the bottom right. Does the style have a name? Perhaps someone can post more artists doing that kind of work?
I remember seeing a Dilla shirt on that style at a show once that looked so sick.

Thanks in advance!


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