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They are on the verge of entering saudi arabia where they enjoy tons of support, they have their sights on creating an empire spanning north africa to asia. They have support from radicals everywhere including western countries. I fear there will be a catastrophic global war if they aren't stopped now, nip it in the bud now or face dire consequences.…



Recently responded to a thread deleted by QBN about Utopian becoming a MOD. Fair enough.

Essentially he said he doesn't give a fuck about anyone who has cancer (directed at me who has it) and posted a maybe ? famous 'gorilla not giving a fuck looking meme' image. Thread then closed.

I kinda want to out this guy, get him banned, if you are with me, sweet, I know I got support of a few QBN'rs via emails regarding it. Emailed QBN several times, no response.

All this crap about trolling in other threads and in sites such as CHAN etc being acceptable just got daft. This aint that place.

I love QBN, but don't want to leave because of this ignorant and faceless idiot.



"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."

― Henry David Thoreau


RIP Net Neutrality…


Guess Who...

...just by looking at a photo (don't Google the image and don't check its URL)


recent vinyl finds

if there was a thread to post recent 2nd hand vinyl finds I couldn't find it so here you go, please add to it

this is an 8 track EP from 1967 in a nice fold-out cover

no, it's not a long lost Queen LP, it's a long lost Queen Mum album!

29p for this super rare EP was the best buy of the day

a hit for Errol Dunkley the same year, it was reduced to a B side for this Jackie Edwards 7"

it may be rubbish but I had to get this for the title alone

I found a couple of old paper bags too


Official NSFL Thread



Can you let me into the inside sausage joke,
I want to understand



bless him…


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