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DMX Of The Day

On a theme park ride:


Vinyl Cutting, London

Any recommendations?

By which I mean ‘companies you've used’, not ones you've just Googled for. I just did that.

Had two contacts, but one messed up a job for a client a while back, and the other one simply hasn't got back to me.



Logo Help

I see it quite often on websites and am needing to do it even if it does go against their branding guidelines, but other than asking the company what is the easiest way to convert logos to grey or a mono color?? thanks


TV on iMac

What's the best way of watching tv on a mac? I want to toss my tv.


Ever had an affair?

Don't really know anyone who has ever had anything ongoing. Curious to see how that shit plays out in real life versus the movies.


InDesign Contactsheet

Does anyone know a decent script/plugin to easily create a contact sheet out of double pages of a PDF in InDesign?

I'd like to arrange those automatically in a grid (e.g. 10 rows à 5 columns).

I found ides like this:…

But maybe someone knows one that works even simpler.

Thank you!


PS question

Once in a while I google this but I have never found a solution: how can I turn off the web only colors checkbox in PS in the color picker, for ever and ever and ever?



Post Playboy cover from the month/year of your birth


Tindr success



Your Weird Habits?

Do you have any strange or weird habits that do in the course of your day or that you've done for years?


Art charge?

How much would you charge in this case?:

Client needs a logo. They aren't design savvy and tell you they know what they want it to look like. You will do the logo as they say and add type (their name) in your choice of font which they will most likely not critique.

Yes a bad client and a weak job. What would you charge for your expertise?


Deadpool leaked footage…

starts just like the leaked movie script ;)



New Mad Max Trailer

I think this one gets its own thread.


The new social

What's up with these new social apps like SnapChat and Secret? Does anyone actually use these?

Seems like just a convenient way to look at spam all day.


Book of the Day

What's a good book you've read recently? These 3 were great:

Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

Kern and Burn: Conversations With Design Entrepreneurs

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

Next on my reading list:

Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time

The Straight-A Conspiracy: A Student's Secret Guide to Ending the Stress of High School and Totally Ruling the World

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles


CALLES does Europe

well at least a small part of it. Flying in to barcelona Sept 17 leaving Sept 29. The rough plan is Barcelona, venice(have a good friend there with all the bells and whistles) Cinque Terre , Florence and back to Barcelona. but open to anything.

I'll be signing autographs if you find me



That moment...

When you are stoned out of your god damn mind sitting on your couch watching Blow and that little voice inside your head says...gee, i feel like chocolate...hang on, didnt I buy a chocolate brownie today which is sitting riggggggght THERE!

Fuck yes. Sometimes, it is the simple things fellas. "The dog and its reflection".

I also dedicate and share this moment of joy with all those that lost their lives on flight MH17, for I will give thanks and live a better life for you all. RIP.


New Airbnb 'sexual' logo?

Airbnb launches new logo called Bélo (yes, they named it) and of course, the internet chimes in...…


KINECT Creative Tools

Just bought the new Kinect, arriving in a few days. Excited to start using it in projects but not really sure where to start.

Does anyone have any tips / recommendations / tutorials / resources / warnings about 3rd party software or even physical techniques and hacks to get good results?

I'm mainly interested in 3D scanning, motion tracking & animation.. But cool interface / interactive applications are welcome too.



Mass media dont really talk about it, but this is the largest Ebola infestation of history right now in Afrika. If it spread out, it could kill the 1/3 of World population.


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