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MST3K of the day

new youtube channel here:…

& not sure if I posted this before but:
"Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Episodes Land at Vimeo, Which Has Exclusive on Future Releases"


Font like this:

anyone know of a free font similar to these?

por please :)


Monthly v Yearly Subscriptions


I'm looking for examples of services that are offered as either a Monthly or Yearly subscription.

Right now I have 3 buttons for 3 different plans - paid monthly...but the client wants to throw in a pay up front option for each, which makes things confusing / cluttered.

Any tips??




html email question

I have an image in an email and need a specific part of it to be clickable. Apparently hotspot image maps dont work in emails. Tried using a DIV with positioning, the positioning doesnt work properly in emails apparently.

Any other alternatives?


Boring SEO Question

Is there such a thing as a template for this? As in, for someone to fill out that gives the devs the correct information for successful implementation?

It's been a while. Any help much appreciated.





Who works in advertising?

Who here works in advertising?

Do you work on:

A. Digital campaigns
B. Print ads
C. Billboards
D. TV/web video commercials
E. More than one of above
F. All of above


Best trippy videos

What are your favorite trippy videos?


iMac slow these days.

My older 2010 iMac is acting slower these days.

I recently upgraded to CS6 from CS5, but that seems minor. I only have 500 fonts activated.

Sometimes it is just slow to do everything, ex. load web pages, start programs, open files. Switching between programs makes it freeze too (minimize browser and go to Photoshop for example).

Any suggestions?


HTML E-Card via Email

I've received a lot of good advice over the years, so here we go...

I've been tasked with revamping a company's holiday e-card system. Any company employee (100 users let's say) can login with their email and password, select one of many different designs, upload their email database (CSV, Outlook) and send. Open/bounce/block tracking isn't critical, but at least user history would be nice.

Contemplating creating a Drupal website, and working with a QBNer if he/she has done this before.
OR, does anyone suggest a skin-able third-party solution? Should I be looking into a user-friendly email service like Emma or MailChimp? I'm not even that familiar with those.

Help me QBN, you're my only hope.


Type ID please



So so fat?

Assuming people don't have a gland problem, how do people get this fat? Do they compulsively eat 4000 calories a day or drink 64 oz of soda a day and not leave the couch?

How is it possible to get over 250lbs?


LATAM qbnrs?

Hey, I wonder how many Latin America based / born citizens are around. I'm Uruguayan, working here also. It would be nice to meet in the city with more qbn people (buenos aires, most likely).
I'll bump this.


official sober thread

wondering around these parts who may admit to being sober? (in lieu of traditional sunday morning "oh fuck i'm never drinking again posts.)

i'm about 10 months in to a planned 2 year break from booze. was hitting the bottle pretty hard (2-3 bottles of wine per day, 7 days a week for about 3 years straight, and that was just average) for a while there. figure i need some time to get the liver healthy.

all that being said. being drunk is cool on the internet, so i'm trying to see how those who don't drink react to the sort of weirdness that is online drinking culture.


Marychain of the Day


Meow The Jewels

It's real, it's coming, I am not kitten you guys.


Home video kit

Thinking of making some cooking shows from my kitchen...

Was thinking a couple of camcorders and a few lights... Mac Movie/Premier to edit...

What kit? What recommendations?

Lights? camera(s)?

and no its not for porn


Halloween Costume 2014

Heres my costume.…


Halloween 2015


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