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Cinema 4D moving texture

I would like to move a green texture up over about a second. The effect would be similar to temperature raising in a thermometer. It should be possible to go into texture mode and keyframe the position at different y values. I tried animating a black and white alpha as well. Neither of these approaches worked. I could try a second object with the green color and use a boolean but I know that will have distorted effects as booleans are not usually reliable in a situation like this. Any help is appreciated. I'm using R14 on Mac.




Gasoline Fire at 23rd and 5th, NYC


Happening now. Hot.


PSD layer option

What does the double box icon on the right mean?


Photoshop CS6 right-click

I lost the ability to get a list of layers at the point where I right-click with the move tool. Is there a known fix. I'll do some research while I wait for people to post jokes, sarcasm and an obvious answer I forgot. Thanks.


TV and wireless speakers

I have a new TV that is connected to the internet through my wireless network. I was also hoping I would be able to connect to separate speakers through my wireless network. I have Apple TV working and have the audio from Apple TV coming from my speakers. I'm unsure what to try next. When I navigate on the TV to Settings : Sound : Sound Out, the option for LG Sound Sync (Wireless) is greyed out.

Any help would be appreciated. I tried LG's online chat help but they don't answer.


After Effects Expression help

I'm trying to follow along with this tutorial on time-based expressions.…

I'm stuck on the "Follow Null Template" section towards the bottom next to the blue stars. When I put the script on the null I get an error about not finding the effect named offset. I took a wild guess that the null layer ("template") needed a Slider effect. That didn't work So, I tried naming that effect "offset". No luck either. Here's a screen shot.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Photoshop path fail

I know you should be able to turn the mode of any path (in this case a vector mask) and make it subtract or intersect instead of the normal masking mode - if you have the pen tool selected and the path selected. Why are those options greyed out in this case? I restarted Photoshop and invented a few profanities but nothing works.


iOS email rules

Anyone know of any good iPhone app/plug-in/utility that will filter emails and set up rules?

I know there are some out there if you jailbreak but I don't want to do that.



Anyone try this out yet?…


Account people

List the gripes you need to get off your chest. Here's a good one I just got.

To finalize the attached email invitation that you created for our client (which they loved and approved with no changes!), can you please add the below information to the place holder we included within?


Change billing info iPad

In this batch of incorrectness, where is the "edit" section? My credit card expired recently.

"To update your name, billing address, or payment information, follow these instructions:

In the Edit section, tap Payment Information.
Update the information that you want to change.
Tap the Done button when finished."…


Is this jquery?…

(The scroll box animation)

Forgive my ignorance, I'm not developer, but I would study javascript because I miss Flash quite a bit.


Can't turn on genius in iTunes

Tried googling this issue but no one seems to have an answer that works.

I have the right user name but can't get past this screen. I have the latest version of iTunes and Mac OSX 10.8.3.


Pinterest redesign

Seems to require more clicking to pin and it doesn't work the last two times I tried. I'd hate to give up on this. I have a lot of design reference on there. Anyone having problems?


Photoshop CS6 type in a path

It seems like they removed the feature that allows you to put text inside a path. (Not long the path but more like a text box). There use to be a type tool that would fly out in the tools pallet. Or the regular text tool would detect when the mouse was inside the box.

Where did this feature go? For now, I'm doing it in illustrator and exporting a separate PSD from there.


C4D R14 view nonsense

How can I fix and prevent this awful view twisting feature from happening again?


Nokia Lumia jpeg issues

Some people haven't been getting jpegs to show up in their emails. Is there a workaround or fix for this?

I haven't had any success googling.





C4D sculpting

This is a feature only in version 14 which I just got so I'm completely noobed on this one. I'm using the pull brush with all the symmetry features shut off. The brush is affecting geometry on the other side of the object. This is making me cranky.
Here's what's happening.…


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