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  • nylon

    Does anyone have a subscription to this on a Teams account rather than single-user?

    Out legal team having a hissy fit that even though we have a subscription, we aren't covered to use certain fonts.

    Not sure how this can be? Surely if you have a subscription, you are covered or what is the point of a subscription?


  • PhanLo1

    It became a total mess a year or so ago, so I'm not surprised.

  • utopian1

    Font subscriptions are increasingly excluding fonts across various services and platforms.

    Numerous font providers are implementing mandatory annual renewals for embedded web fonts, even after their initial purchase. To avoid potential legal issues, I've been gradually transitioning all my website projects to embed Google fonts.

    Some font developers are resorting to sending cease and desist letters, extorting users for updates in font licenses, or even pursuing legal action against individuals.

    Consumers should be cautious and informed before purchasing fonts under these evolving conditions.