Sculpting on iPad

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  • scarabin

    I want that Z-Brush for iPad app. It supports Apple Pencil and pressure sensitivity, has standard touch controls and keyboard shortcuts. I can sculpt on the couch while catching up on Narcos or whatever and then 3D print it if i like. It’s got great ratings and i don’t even mind the price.

    Too bad it doesn’t exist. What should i use instead?

  • dopepope4

    lol. I want Zbrush for iPad too. But Nomad is pretty cool. And Forger.

    • Thanks! Looks like all the “top sculpting apps for blah blah” sites are suggesting forger but it’s got awful reviews in the app store for some reasonscarabin
    • I’m gonna give Nomad a goscarabin
    • I haven't tried Forger myself, but follow some artists that use it and make some killer work. I heard it's free now, or a version is free.dopepope
    • I own Nomad, and well, it's impressive for a tablet app, but when I feel the urge to sculpt, I hop on my machine. I've yet to get too involved. but it's cool.dopepope
    •… AND… for those curious...ideaist