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  • canoe

    19 degrees north Hawaii

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  • grafician-7

    Meh...go with Neutraface and Open Sans instead and call it a day.

    • ....almost therecanoe
    • Well aren't you a regular on asking WTF?
      This was fun for the first times, but not going to waste time anymore on this sorry
    • oh boycanoe
    • wtf graf?monospaced
    • WTF monospaced?grafician
    • graf = thread KarenMrT
    • @MrT have you identified any fonts in one of these thread by now?
      So I could say the same thing about you...and monospaced lol
    • Excuse me?monospaced
    • No you couldn’t.monospaced
    • well monospaced have you identified any fonts? Are you being useful somehow instead of nagging everybody in the comments?grafician
    • Plenty over the years. Have you looked? But if I can't identify it I just keep quiet. You should try it some time.MrT
    • no, really, why were you here? To comment on my comment? That's meta, not monografician
    • Sorry I forgot you ran the place. Why do you reply like that when someone asks for help?MrT
    • Ask for help? I help a lot around these parts, but this canoe thinks we're wasting our time to work for him?grafician
    • Also don't be coming with that tone at megrafician
    • Are you even a designer? Most people that comment here are not even designers so stfugrafician
    • lol at my tone. You spend your days swinging your little potato dick around here and it's fun poking your complete lack of self awareness.MrT
    • So you're not even a designer? Right.grafician
    • Right. I'm a 80s TV has-been who now advertises Snickers.MrT
    • Smh
      You're grown ass men trolling around here with nothing to add because you're irrelevant
    • But go ahead, identify fonts for this canoe guy...he comes here almost weekly asking for some "help"
    • I loved that movie, a bit long but Leo and the bear were both fantastic.MrT
    • When I say idiots I refer to you and also monospaced, that man practically lives to counter-comment my posts these days
      Grow the f up!
    • Let it go, be nice, and it probably won't happen as much. Take some advice from a non-designing irrelevant has-been : PMrT
    • I am very nice generally, so let's stop posting stupid comments for no reasongrafician
    • I have identified many in these threads over the years.monospaced
    • And you’re not nice calling people idiots and questioning their worth here. You’re not even correct in your assessment.monospaced
  • canoe0

    josefin sans - Lato

    • See how easy it was?
      90% of designers just use Google fonts these days...
    • Ummm, the AE called the client.canoe
    • AE better call the client everytimegrafician
    • stfucanoe
    • seriouslymonospaced