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  • mg33

    How many of you use InVision regularly and are disappointed in the recent changes with their latest update?

    They've killed useful features, such as the ability to see a master-page of all artboards when viewing a public share link.

    Not everyone uses InVision for prototypes... we use it to show wireframes, comps, etc. and send public links to clients. It's frustrating.

    They've also taken out workflow management tools that we used a lot, and reduced the types of comments you can make to simple Comments (pink) and Notes (private), where we used to organize things around an additional category for dev annotations.

    While it's not super important, there's also an admin view that shows a list of team members on our account, and it previously showed number of prototypes per user, and when they last logged on. We have a max # of licenses; I have to bring people in and out depending on project needs, and they killed the UI that shows those details about users.

    I asked them about it and why those features were removed. They said they're exploring to add them into the next version... Why would you kill low-impact features in a new release to then re-investigate adding them back???

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  • studderine1

    It was a good tool a long time ago...