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  • shapesalad

    Jaco Pastorius.

    Personally, this work is what introduced me to him:

    Amazing composition, beautiful chords and soundscape. I discovered it by chance when I used to randomly rent Jazz CD's from my town's Central Library back in the days before the internet/Spotify/any decent way to discover music...

    He also played piano, this is beautiful:

    He's aged 33 there ^, soon after was homeless, died at 35. From wiki:

    "Pastorius developed a self-destructive habit of provoking bar fights and allowing himself to be beaten up. After sneaking onstage at a Santana concert at the Sunrise Musical Theater in Sunrise, Florida on September 11, 1987 and being ejected from the premises, he made his way to the Midnight Bottle Club in Wilton Manors, Florida.

    After reportedly kicking in a glass door, having been refused entrance to the club, he was in a violent confrontation with Luc Havan, the club's manager who was a martial arts expert.

    Pastorius was hospitalized for multiple facial fractures and injuries to his right eye and left arm, and fell into a coma. There were encouraging signs that he would come out of the coma and recover, but they soon faded. A brain hemorrhage a few days later led to brain death.

    He was taken off life support and died on September 21, 1987 at the age of 35 at Broward General Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale."

  • shapesalad0

    ^ was supposed to link to "05. Three Views of a Secret 25:51 "

  • Gnash0

    His playing was a major influence for me.

  • nuggler2

    I'm older than most people on here, and I bought Bright Size Life when it came out in 1976. I was just learning bass myself at the time, so hearing Jaco on this made a big impression! I bought a fretless bass, went to Berklee, played bass on cruise ships for years. When I finally had to support a family, I sold my basses and went into web design.

    For the next Musician of the day, I nominate Warne Marsh, love his tone so much!