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  • SoulFly

    Question for my dear Chinese friends or fluent Chinese speakers. (mainland China)
    I need to confirm that this character is the equivalent of the English word "STRENGTH" in the context of general term strength. As in "one must have strength to endure crisis" for example.
    Or could this character portray a different context, or not make sense. The character will accompany the English version together.

    Thanks for any help!

  • grafician1

    Unrelated, but was with a friend having some Chinese symbols tattooed, next to us in the tattoo saloon an actual Chinese guy...

    So as my guy was having his Chinese letters tattoo done, the Chinese guy asks "I see you're getting some Chinese letters tattooed, do you know what they mean?" and he replies "Yes ofc" and continue to tell the Chinese guy what they mean and he says "Ah cool, yes, as most people don't know what their Chinese tattoo mean"

    Then we look and see the Chinese guy was getting a big American bald eagle tattooed on him, so we ask " know what this eagle you're getting represents?"

    He replies: "Yes ofc I know, it means freedom"

    • it's stories like this that make me miss being out with other folks talking it up. +1capn_ron
    • Yeah, but you're comparing the meaning of the meaning of an image vs. the meaning of a letter...maquito
    • That contains an indication of pronunciation as well as an indication of meaning, but is not a consonant nor a vowel... different things.maquito
    • this was about 17 years ago btwgrafician
    • I was like "Oh, ok" back then, but these days, this story hits different, you knowgrafician
  • maquito1

    @Soulfly, you do good asking chinese natives, because as well as there's a word for STRENGTH, POWER, FORCE, POTENCY, POTENTIAL, in English, there ought to be like 100 synonyms for each in chinese.

    • Yeah, amazing language especially written. You might eventually be fluent in Cantonese or Mandarin, but their alphabet is another beast all together.grafician
    • I almost took Chinese one time, and after the first lesson I told them I needed a more entry level course. They said "this is what we give our 5-year olds..."SoulFly
    • "I need what you give the 1 year olds, please"... they laughed.SoulFly
  • MrT1

    I just checked in with a Chinese mate here. Cheers Maggie!

    – Yes it means "strength" or "power". I guess your friend may want a tattoo.

    • Thank you! haha, it's not a tattoo, it's for a calligraphy project.SoulFly