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  • mg33

    I'm helping my company plan how we're going to shoot some videos across our offices that will be cut into a recruiting video for our website. We're in four offices across the country, don't have high quality photo or video equipment per office, have noise issues with HVAC systems and lack of quiet rooms, and don't have lighting kits in all offices. (In my office, we have all sorts of lights, backgrounds, etc. but our content studio is packed up while we have a new office built out.)

    We're trying to think of a way we can create something consistent across all offices, and with different people filming it. I'm batting around ideas like buying and shipping basic equipment to each office with a key person responsible for filming and following a script.

    If you wanted to establish consistent quality using the same equipment, what would you get that wouldn't break the bank and would be good equipment to own long term? Thinking of lights and microphones first and foremost, a tripod with a cell phone mount, or even a single decent mirrorless camera that can be shipped around and used for photo and video.

    Any thoughts on this?

  • sted4

    Is it too late to rethink the concept to an easier, less resource demanding solution? thanks to apple you got one device what I think exists in all places, and can create decent quality videos so, why not build on that? :)

    I would use the local office for the shots where you need proper lights and setup (idk interviews?), possibly fake some of the rooms from the other ones. aaand get the rest like brolls, cutaways produced at the remote offices using the same hw.

  • mg330

    ^ Not too late; we're early in scoping this out. Yesterday I was thinking of buying a single gorilla pod tripod, a mic that plugs in via Lightning cable, and a single adjustable LED panel light to illuminate the subject. Get a box or case for it and ship it from office to office and use iPhones.

    I just hate that it requires someone to hand over their phone for a period of time... Privacy issues, needing to keep it in Airplane mode, etc.

  • Morning_star1

    What Sted said.

    Plus, i always feel an over polished recruitment film screams bullshit. Honesty and authenticity should be paramount. Show the character of the people, the places people will eventually work and the type of crew their getting involved with.

    Horseshit corporate bollox is as transparent as the day is long. Tell the truth.

    • We're not a corporation. Just a 4 office independent agency.mg33
  • Continuity1

    I think in your shoes, I'd try to keep it as simple as possible within the realms of high quality, professional-looking footage.

    • Sony A7 III for camera;
    • A gimble;
    • Single LED panel light with stand (something like this:…), possibly with a diffuser;
    • A directional mic to minimise the HVAC abient noise.

    *** BUT ***, I wouldn't buy any of this kit, I'd rent it. Unless you're planning to get into the film production business, buying this stuff wouldn't really make any sense. Rather, I would send the equipment list to each office, and make them responsible for their own rentals on their own local budgets.

    But keeping the equiment list tight is going to be essential. The A7 III shoots very good raw footage. Also, you probably wouldn't need more than a one-light set-up, and the LED panels also afford you relatively light-weight portability, since they're battery-powered ... good for consistently lighting walk-and-talks.

    The shotgun mic would probably be enough to filter out the HVAC from the audio tracks, if it's angled toward the talent, and fairly close to them for a better signal-to-noise ratio.

    The only downside is — no matter how light the technical set-up — you'll need extra man-power for camera, light, and sound. So — assuming you're directing — it would be a total of a three-person set.

    One way or another, though, you won't be able to get around talking to the local people in excrutiating detail about how to use the kit, and how to set up their shoots.

    • "I'd rent it."
      oh dude :D so simple and elegant, where was my mind :)
    • Thanks! We product content amongst other things; buying gear wouldn't hurt us, but I like the idea of renting.mg33
  • sted0

    If it isn't late:
    If i had this opportunity I would move to an idea where workers are using only office equipment to record bits and pieces of their daily life at the office and that can include using their own phones to record. Just a few seconds about what they did a moment ago, finished a task, meeting, picked up salary lol.

    But I have no idea about the expectations, or the what the corp. culture allows you to do.

    So if you think about the phone, all you need is a trustworthy person who can operate the phone properly and has the same iPhone.

    • Man... me and our CCO yesterday literally talked about filming this through our video chat app.mg33
    • ah great, so we had the same idea :) aaand don't forget that the CFO will be the happiest person to get behind this project :))sted
  • mg330

    Came across this, which would allow for filming with a phone and mounting an Led panel light above it.

    • I've got one of the bigger Gorillapods for my own gear, this looks like the smaller cell phone version.mg33
  • mg330

    $207 Total:

    * Gorillapod with hot shoe and phone mount - $32 -…
    * LED light with battery and external power $79.99 -…
    * LED Light Power Cable - $15 -…
    * Directional Mic - $80 -…

    • whoo these are cheap, especially that mic for this price :) i would buy at least 2 of these kitssted
  • shellie0

    I didn't look at your location before i answered but rentals from sharegrid are great for this. I can gwt the same equipment that i need any city i go to and reduce the cost, trouble, and risk of moving heavy/fragile shit like that around. Its cost effective as its peer to peer rentals and a hellava lot easier than traditional rental houses although they are on their too (they have to their lodging business).

    • < that's how good quality spam is done :)
      just wow on sharegrid, i had no idea of its existence. thanks for the share!
    • Shel that is great link, you need to put in useful threadrobotron3k
  • robotron3k0

    mg33 what about a snorri cam??

    It would be attention grabbing and easy for cutting—go wide on lens and it's next level.

    Send it to the offices and let them make a go if it..., maybe make a day in the life, etc...

    If you bring a colleague or objects in and out of the frame it's surreal, srsly.

    I made a homemade one like this some years ago for $30 but just saw a sweet one here!…

    • whoa, this is pretty cool.mg33
    • If that was strong enough to hold my gimbal, I could get decent stabilization.mg33
    • I know, it needs that DJI, super light.robotron3k
  • robotron3k-2

    Actually found my test footage here, I called it a Snubcam because it was way smaller than a Snorri

  • sted0

  • Bennn-1

    the DJI Osmo Pocket is very good :