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  • mg33

    Wondering who here uses various InVision tools in their job, namely the newer ones like Freehand, but interested to know who else is checking out the Design System Manager tool, and also using the Studio beta. Would love to chat about your workflow, issues, positives, etc.


  • zaq0

    I've been using it for at least a year now. It's a great tool when it setup with Sketch & Craft plugin, for source control.

    I hope they put more work into DSM. It's too early in my opinion.

  • mg330

    Thanks zaq. I just started testing out DSM after getting our office tech admin to set it up for me. I'm the only one for now.

    Pre DSM, I built a growing UI kit for our UX team in Sketch, rather than grab someone else's kit online. I use a Sketch library to manage it, and it's all organized by element with the forward slash subfolder naming. It works really well and my team like using it. It's keeping us from having to start work from scratch, and helping make our different project work more consistent.

    Then Studio came along, and I've been testing out the beta for a while, but no DSM in there. Ultimately what I want is for that one master UI kit to be managed in Sketch, but usable by both Sketch and Studio. I can't believe they've not put DSM into Studio yet.

  • brandonp0

    +1 to what zaq said. I've been using it for a little over a year now and really digging the results when paired with sketch and CRAFT. The DSM was buggy at first but performing better now. Prototyping is intuitive and the inspect tool is a big help when handing off to the devs. I haven't played with Studio yet...

  • Al_dizzle0

    Yeah I'm kind of banking on DSM to get better. I just want to have everything in the same place... Prototypes, libraries, dev handoffs..

    But yeah I agree with the general consensus here... DSM was really buggy at the start. I know my team was cursing me for asking them to adopt it.

  • mg330

    ^ I'm starting small and trying to make the case that we need to rally around precise workflows to make our work easer, more collaborative, etc. The DSM (or any collection of ui kit items) is a smaller part of my trying to get us all using a Sketch > InVision Freehand / Boards > Full InVision prototyping workflow that will see us all putting everything in the same place. We're the worst right now and people doing whatever suits the need of the project or moment... and I'm tired of all the:

    - Did you email that to me?
    - Did you send it on GChat?
    - Is it on Box? Drive?
    - Can you send me a PDF? A jpg?

    We're small enough that we don't have distinct processes set in place, but it makes everyone's job frustrating. I'd like to look 6-9 months down the road and have us all using that InVision workflow, in all our offices and following some pretty strict rules on all that stuff so everyone knows where things are, what to do, etc.

    As for the DSM specifically, my goal is that we can start unifying things between our UX team and visual design team, work more in Sketch (which we're all already doing) save ux and visual assets to a DSM for that project, and also use Boards for collab / mood board stuff, Freehand for WIP review, and full InVision for prototypes, client review, etc. Next step would be getting our dev team to use InVision's Inspect Mode to code from.