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    I am looking for some type of program that can help me organize daily activities better.

    Features I am looking for (ideally):

    Adaptability - so if I block out 4 hours for Th, but then something comes up and I have to add it'll automatically move the 4 hours I blocked out. Like a dynamic adaptability (so basically the tasks that get put off don't disappear)

    Reminders - some way of having a hierarchy. I am trying Keep, Outlook, Zoho (my CRM), etc., and all give you reminders and Zoho will send them anywhere (website, emails, etc.), but none offer any visual hierarchy so you end up with 100 reminders that quickly get ignored.

    Any ideas? I need this to be desktop oriented (access on a phone would be nice, but not as important).

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    you can do this in almost any calendar already...when creating the event just assign it to a different calendar like work/home/&c

    so when conflicts arise, both events are still listed

    • I am looking/hoping for one that adjusts (like that teuxdeux app does above). Unless I am missing something, the reg ones don't do that.formed
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    Hey, I need an advice regarding online calendars.
    I'm member of a cultural association and we rent some facilities to our members or for external users like events.

    What we need is a Calendar Tool that permits members of the association to mark a date when they would like to organize an event.

    After they mark or create the event all members can see which days are available.

    The calendar would be managed by the Associations staff consisted of four people.

    There's a computer in the office to be used by those for people.
    But the calendar should preferably not only in browser but also mobile or in different operating systems.

    Google Calendar is not an option because not everybody has or wants a Google account.

    It should be something that's open source/free/freemium.

    I don't know if this was clear enough but if someone has some advice or tips I would be very thankful.

    In the moment I'm checking other possibilities like Freedcamp, Fluxday, MeisterTask, see if these tools could serve the above need while also at the same time be used to manage the events and tasks that the Association has to deal with.

    Happy Holidays!

    • Create an Outlook account and give everyone the login details? I guess most people are familiar with Office/Outlook - the online version works exactly the same.face_melter
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