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  • plash

    Blisk is a free Chromium-based browser built to increase speed and usability of web development and testing. It can emulate devices, user agent and touch events ..

    Fully emulated phones and tablets inside the browser, URL and scroll of desktop and mobile are in sync, page refreshes automatically on file change, debug desktop and mobile with their DevTools option and it works with many IDE, language, and frameworks.

    I like the integration with bug trackers and project management systems. (mantis, meister task via trello and drive for my setup)

    it's interesting so I'm giving it a shot; I've added my invite link.…

  • fadein111

    Looks v.interesting - will give it a whirl.

  • sted0

    good start, with some bold statements
    ever heard of…

    About that "Fully emulated phones and tablets inside " which is actually just a simple breakpoints view with the additional user agent info:
    I have a test site with some device specific errors and it's still not showing the stuff what was made for safari on iphone.

    what would be great is to integrate a heatmap feaure for ux testing.

    "we will store your screenshots in the cloud." and what else?

  • plash0

    I've tried MozDev, didn't like it (but that was a while ago). Gonna look @Emmet. Yeah, it's Chrome with prepacked extensions but it's done well and in a package that is managed. I also like the open nature of integration with 3rd party services,( git, salesforce, basecamp, etc); the idea has tons of potential.

    I like being able to keep coding in my IDE and preview changes automatically without babysitting (and with cohesion of git or any subversion). I like their resource/asset tracking that manages fail to load (css, fonts, images etc.) errors. also, I like the bug integration that which can attach screenshots to bug report entries; great for addressing the clerical ie. time tracking, invoice auditing.

    and lastly, I agree that there is some need heatmaps but I am definitely hesitant to add this because i don't think it's appropriate at this stage of development. Heatmaps are a great tool for segment goals, split tests and visitor sessions and i feel it's jumping the gun when you're building this early.

    which is what this tool is used for, no?