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  • mugwart

    Hello QBN,

    Anyone experienced in software development in here?

    I have an idea and I want to write to sell it. My experience with "serious" apps (aka non flash) has all been for in house vfx house apps using open source. Not helpful here.

    Question to you all - what graphical frameworks are available?
    I need graphics (opengl) and text editors. Needs to be both on Mac and Windows ( sadly no Linux yet ).
    Languages I want something low level and just learning c++ so want to use that. So no scripting languages like java/python.
    Has to look fresh and modern.

    I thought QT5 would be good but unless it goes under open source is like £50 a month minimum of 3 months.
    I might develop this now and pay later but I thought i would ask you guys to see if anyone has any experience with this they don't mind sharing light on.


  • Weyland0

    For easy pointer handling of modern OpenGL 4.4:…

    Not sure what you are looking for, have you looked at combining Unreal or Unity with your c++ code?

  • mugwart0

    Thanks Weyland - looking into that now.

    I'm researching to see if my app is possible to build multi platform under one graphical/ code framework.

    Unity is horrible c# not touching that!
    Unreal/cry engine is possible but worried its an overkill on resources -- but it will be fun!!

    thanks again