Metrojet Flight 9268

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  • ernexbcn…

    USA & UK are saying it was a bomb terrorist attack by ISIS.

    UK has forbidden flights from Sinai to London since today.

    France is going to suspend the Schengen Agreement for a month (passport controls on the borders).

  • detritus0

    • please explain the Kempe referenceernexbcn
    • More a reference to a merry jape.

      Let's dance!
  • mg330

    Look, I don't want to see large swaths of Syria or Iraq wiped out in retaliation, because civilian casualties will be enormous. But I keep thinking that we've not seen anywhere near the aerial bombardment that's possible with modern militaries like Russia, or the US. Imagining Russia going as strongly as possible in retaliation: what would that look like compared to the smaller number of air strikes they're doing? Excluding nukes, of course. I saw something over the weekend about WWII and the air campaigns bombing Germany, Germany bombing France and the UK, and it was just night after night of intensity.

  • ETM0

    Without being a conspiracy theorist, I am concerned the more Russia gets involved in the region the more concerning a sequence of events can occur that will lead to an all out conflict between East and West. Syria is already proving to be proxy battle between Russia and the west as it stands.

    • Russia is flexing a muscle. The US is calling the bluff. The economic sanctions on Russia will cripple them. Russia is way too poor to sustain a major conflict.chukkaphob
    • Never underestimate a wounded and cornered animal.ETM
    • chukka speaks the truth. russia isn't a threat, they are doing their best to protect their foreign investments. i.e. not having the whole middle east be destab-gilgamush
    • -ilized, which has been the u.s.'s overt intention for over twenty years. waging war in other peoples' countries if fine and dandy right, we lead by examplegilgamush
    • *is finegilgamush
  • CygnusZero42

    not even reading any of this shit until they actually know what happened. right now its speculation. they thought twa800 was shot down at first too... until they actually spent real time investigating it and found out to a certainty what actually happened. oops.

    • I agree. Lots and lots of bad opinions are formed from faulty, incomplete theories.mg33