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  • srhadden

    Hi there

    I'm looking for some advice on a small scale projection mapping project.

    I's going to be indoors, so the room can be completely darkened pretty much, the distance between the surface and the beamer can be quite short ( couple of meters) and the surface itself is quite small also ( max 40 by 40 cm)

    I'm thinking about buying a small beamer to test and eventually execute the mapping. Is there anything I should be aware of when it comes to specs for the beamer ( technology, brightness, contrast ratio, ...) ?

    Is 150 lumen enough for this for example ?

  • islandbridge0

    Im not sure 150 ansi lumens is enough but since is a small scale thing it might work if your material is full white, and there is absolutely no spill light coming into the room. I would go with at least 1000 thou.

    Contrast ratio the bigger the better but again only relevant if your material has lots of colors, gradients, and tones.

    Ultra short throw projectors with throw-ratio of 0.6 or below can be a bit tricky to match "virtual camera" in 3d if you are doing all of your mapping and content production in a program like cinema 4d.
    But the throw-ratio isn't a issue if you are using mad mapper as mapping tool.

    • cheers man. Going for 2500-3000 range to be sure thensrhadden
  • shapesalad0