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    ^ in the egyptian mythology the scarab pushes the sun through the sky each day. this cycle of birth, rebirth and death is the oldest story known to man and serves to remind me that all things are impermanent and non-static, worthy of re-invention. getting stuck in one way of thinking or being is death to me.

    my birth name is nathan alan corwin; each of these names end in the "n" sound so it seemed natural to append the word with it to form a name. i've been using this name for various things since high school.

    • you def have google on your side with italbums
    • Is that kind of like a dung beetle?
      This is getting deeper.
    • change your last name to corwan74LEO
    • it is exactly a dung beetlescarabin
    • i'm actually thinking about dropping the middle and last names and just changing it all to just "nathan scarabin"scarabin
    • cool man!74LEO
    • yea thats pretty dopeHijoDMaite
    • alan scaraban is pretty awesome toooey

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