Instagram’s Censorship On Hashtags Doesn’t Hold Bitches Back!

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    • this conversation is starting to make me seepy.74LEO
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    And so began the great punctuation wars of the 21st Century. Four years after this relatively small-scale cyber-battle, some of the same visionaries and militants, people who's actions and interventions had triggered the Instagram hastag war, would go on to defy the prohibition of semi-colons on the now defunct yodeltoss social exchange platform, which was famously declared as the cataclysmic event that snowballed into the 'soft apocalypse' of 2025.

    Its often hard for young children to look at the old printed books of the last century, and to really grasp how different life was before the punctuation wars began.

    The escalation of events that lead to massive revolutionary shifts in human consciousness do not contain within them any sense of the changes that followed - to whit... there was no intent. These were seemingly wild and directionless acts of defiance by a largely disconnected community who lacked any 'real' sociopolitical motivations.

    In this way they were not anti-establishment, anarchic initiatives in the traditional sense. Many of the hashtag warriors from the Instagram war really had no idea that the stand they took back then would lead to a complete levelling of society known as the 'Grand Correction' which copmmenced in the spring of 2017.

    What it does confirm irrefutably however is the theoretical model of 'chaos' that emerged in the late twentieth century as a coinciding off-shoot of the growing understanding of quantum mechanics and post-modernism.

    It became the fuel for the ongoing understanding of quantum theory, which lead to the early street level fore-runners of quantum practice methodologies, and without those young fearless pioneers we would never have achieved stabilised time travel, and I would not be sat here writing this in 1476.

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    • Thank you.

      Typing at great speed.
    • Not just 'speed' but 'great speed'Horp
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    I don't use instagram nor twitter what is that bitch thing,
    detritus, can u xplain?