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Worst Thing of the Day 3535 Responses

Last post: 2 years, 10 months ago | Thread started: Apr 18, 12, 2:46 p.m.

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Out of context: Response #2 [Apr 18, 12, 2:46 p.m.]

  • ukit2

    That broken into?

    • Yeah. Well house walked into when back door left open - Only had a ten minute window too...orrinward21/10
      Missus left the house, and realised when she got to the main road (<10 mins) that she'd left the door unlocked. Came back and everything had gone.orrinward22/10
      Must have staked out the place in advance...ukit23/10
      back and everything had gone. Fucking crazy!orrinward24/10
      sounds like an inside job...
      no isurance cover then?cruddlebub7/10
      insurance = inside job.
      did the house catch on fire after that?
      jk. new dog = pitbull
      inside job. The window of opportunity is way too tight.sherm10/10
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