palm springs: where to stay?

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    you might get bored in joshua tree.. it is a really vast open area.. also nothing is there.

    i used to have a summer house in palm springs.. we lived at one of the many many golf courses estates.. this was in the 80s-90s.. i know much has changed and all the old spots are now gay joints..

    i have a friend who lives there now.. ill ask him tonight about exact spots for you to check out.

    near the "pee wee herman" dinosaur statues there is a really fun spot to rent QUADS and go off roading in the dunes in the desert.

    also there is a mini market called Hadleys.. in the middle of nowhere right over there.. get some red liquorice there, they have a special one that you cant get any where else.

    in palm springs there is a water park, they have a lazy river/ tube circle that wraps the entire park, 2 giant vertical drop slides and a bunch of tube and air tube rides to enjoy on a very hot day..

    ill post back here later tonight after i get specifics of the area, as my friend has been living there the last 15 years..

    i bought my first Shark watch at the local "surf" shop there back in 1981.. is still have it. there was a spot called Double Rainbow, an ices/ icecream spot 2 blocks off the main strip.. ill ask if that is still there as they were really tasty!!

    have fun!!

    • thanks dude.lvl_13
    • i just checked .. the water park will not open til march - not sure if you are there at that timee-pill

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