palm springs: where to stay?

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  • Miguex0

    I was just at the Ace Hotel in november, its pretty much the only place with people in their late 20s early 30s in PS.

    Nightlife seems to be dead, so rent a bike grab a camera and start snapping photos of the amazing architecture there.

    There's the hotel california (not sure if its related to the song) across from ace hotel, might be cheaper but probably no people.

    You can always go to the bar at ace at night and sneak to the pool during weekdays when there's no security.

    I've stayed at the movie colony too, its very nice, less crowded than ace, go there if you are going w your lady, more private only like 6 rooms or so.

    I took this photo there:

    Legend says that Jim Morrison jumped from the roof of that hotel to the pool..

    • thanks for the info. yeah, def. going to be a photo weekend. i've only been once on the way back from salton sea.lvl_13

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