Marines peeing on Taliban

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    Kinda sucks to see videos like this because it gets viewed completely out of context. I know what the media will say and what most people feel when viewing it in the comforts of your home or at work, but man... think for a second of what these guys face day in and day out, the stresses of the real possibilities of never... coming home...seeing your wife...seeing your kids, the battle that ensued just before this video was taken, the possibility that these dead guys killed/injured one or a few of their fellow comrades, and that they are 18-25 years old. War is not pretty, war is not normal, war is not meant to be viewed out of context. Actions of these soldiers will undoubtedly be ridiculed and questioned by everyone in the media, but think for a second of what may go through your heads if you were in a situation that we as a country put these guys in? Apologies for the long windedness, but felt moved to stand up for these guys... not for their actions, but for their situation that they find themselves in... that most of us cannot even come close to imagine.

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